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William Alingham

The Visionary Behind Quadcrate’s Innovation

Welcome to Quadcrate® — Where Utility Meets Ingenuity

In the heart of pastoral innovation, where the serene hills whisper the tales of efficiency, William Alingham, a seasoned farmer and a mechanical maestro, turned a vision into a reality. Quadcrate® is not just a brand; it’s William’s brainchild, a series of trailblazing attachments for ATVs born from the very soil he toils.

Our Founder’s Journey

With a spirit as unyielding as the tractors he’s handled since childhood, William transformed the necessity of farm efficiency into a pioneering enterprise. A farmer by heritage and an inventor by heart, William Alingham saw beyond the furrows of tradition and into the future of farming. His story isn’t just about creating products; it’s about fostering a legacy of innovation that propels the agricultural community forward.

Empowering Farmers Worldwide

William’s philosophy is simple yet profound — “Empower the cultivator, and you empower the earth.” This belief is the cornerstone of Quadcrate®. The attachments are designed to streamline your workload, enhance productivity, and maximize your day’s potential, all while championing sustainability and safety on your farm.

The Quadcrate® Promise

Under William’s leadership, Quadcrate® promises to deliver unparalleled quality, versatility, and customer service. Every attachment crafted in our workshops is a testament to William’s dedication to the craft, a result of endless sketches, countless field tests, and relentless pursuit of perfection.

The Man Behind the Machines

Away from the drafting table and the din of the workshop, William is a storyteller, a family man, and an advocate for continuous learning. His ethos is carved into every Quadcrate® innovation — with resilience, resourcefulness, and a touch of genius.

Join the Revolution

We invite you to be part of the Quadcrate® revolution. Experience the change that William Alingham’s vision has brought to fields across the globe. Connect with a community of forward-thinkers who are redefining what it means to work smart.

Dive into the world of Quadcrate®. Discover how William Alingham’s ingenuity can turn your ATV into the ultimate farming ally.

Experience the ingenious world of Quadcrate® — where every attachment unlocks a new possibility.

Connect with William

Have questions, stories, or ideas? William is always eager to connect. Reach out to join the conversation shaping the future of farming efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the QUADCRATE fitted to the quad?
 The QUADCRATE fits onto the back of the ATV/quad via the tow ball and a suspension bracket which is fastened onto the back bale rack, the weight of the QUADCRATEand load put onto it all push downwards onto the tow ball of the ATV and the Suspension bracket holds the QUADCRATE upright and in place.

Q: How does the extension bar work?
 The extension bar is situated on the bottom platform and can slide in and out just remove pins on both sides and pull it out to your desired position and put the pins back in so it stays in place.

Q: What is the extension bar for?
The extension bar is to create extra platform to work on for bigger loads and to leave the load more steady as not all loads need to be tied or strapped on as the QUADCRATE is designed so that whatever is put on it is inclined to stay on, but caution must be taken when driving. The extension bar is used for loads such as square bales, creep feeders, sheep troughs, sheet of metal, sheet of plyboard and useful when carrying loose silage or hay or muck when put in the first position.

Q: How is the Wire unroller fitted to the QUADCRATE?
The Wire unroller is fitted to the QUADCRATE carrier (s) by using the holes at the side of the bottom platform which are also used for the positioning of the extension bar, as the wire unroller has 4 ears with holes in them so the pins can hold it in position.

Q: How is the Dual Purpose Lamb Box fit to the quad?
The Lamb box is fitted to the back bale rack as there is holes in the bottom of the box which allow M 12 bolts through which are screwed onto a threaded plate underneath fastening the the lamb box to the bar on the bale rack.

Q: How fast can the Wire unroller work?
The Wire unroller can unroll 50 metres of sheepwire in less than 15 seconds, 100 metres in 30 seconds and can unroll 3 coils of barbed wire at the same time in less than a minute, this is a great time saver, great for fencing contractors who work alone.

Q: How much weight can the QUADCRATE carrier (s) hold?
The QUADCRATE carrier (s) can hold up to 60kgs + Sheepcage 80kg in total depending on the size of the bike it is fitted to but I wouldn’t recommend putting this weight onto any less than 500cc bike and with this weight would have to put weight on the front of the bike for proper handling purposes, this can be easily done if a post holder is fitted to the front of the bike as it can hold most things. The bike will tip up on the front if proper care is not taken to balance the weight, always think when loading the QUADCRATE carrier (s) so that balance can be achieved.

Q: What size of trailer can be pulled with the QUADCRATE carrier (s)?
A trailer NOT exceeding 300kgs can be pulled but you MUST remember to put the available bolt in position which fastens the bottom platform to a tongue welded to the platform next the bike so that not all pressure is on the bar that the hitch is connected to, avoiding this the weight of the trailer will be too great for the bottom platform resulting in it pulling out of the hinges and the trailer disconnecting so care must be taken at all times. “Think before you do”.

Q: What is the Lamb box for?
The Lamb box is used for sheltering lambs when found outside, cold in lambing season, very useful for Farmers who lamb all there ewes outside. There are 2 sections in the box one is a bedded area for lambs and the other area is for veterinary materials like disposable gloves, penicillin, syringes. marking spray, feet cutters, roll of baling twine, flask of hot water to mix bestance when needed and bottle to feed it etc. The Lamb box is dual purpose so when not lambing the 2 sections can become one as you can slide out the separating sheet of chequer plate, so a coat, cap, jumper, shoes, wellies, tools and rope etc can be kept dry for later use.

Q: When weight is put on the QUADCRATE does it not tip up on the front?
This will happen if too much weight is put on the QUADCRATE carrier (s) but the size of your bike will also determine how much weight you can put on the back before you need to balance your bike by adding extra load to the front . Available Post holders are great to use as a holding device for extra weight, at least one post holder is a great investment when buying a QUADCRATE carrier (s) to hold loads on the front with ease as the chequer plate is used for extra grip so that loads won’t fall off.

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