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What is the ATV Bubble Cab?

Off-road vehicles such as ATV’s and UTV’s are great for navigating difficult terrain and carrying your tools safely from A to B. As a standalone vehicle, they’re great but with the right attachments, you can get so much more out of them to meet your specific needs.

Our newest product the ATV Bubble Cab is a practical weather shield that will keep you productive during all weather conditions – the great British weather can be unpredictable! Perfect for all harsh elements it’s an excellent addition to your ATV, wherever you work.

Here’s all you need to know about the Bubble Cab.

What is the bubble cab used for?

We first produced the bubble cab in 2019 as a prototype and showed it at the NPA ploughing championship in ROI where it got a lot of attention and as a result, we are now manufacturing the product for sale.

The ATV bubble cab is designed to keep vehicle users protected from all kinds of weather conditions. It’s installed over the ATV to create a weather shield while driving through, wind, rain or snow so you remain safer on the vehicle during harsh elements.

We’ve ensured that the bubble cab can be installed with individual products and custom packages so whatever configuration you already have on your ATV the bubble cab will fit seamlessly.

What are the benefits of the bubble cab attachment?

In adverse weather conditions staying productive can be a problem as there are additional hurdles to overcome. The bubble cab is a practical addition to your off road vehicle and provide the following benefits:

Weather protection

Work doesn’t stop just because it’s raining! With the bubble cab installed you’ll have an overhead and in front shield so you can remain dry whether you’re carrying baby lambs or transporting your tools. UK weather can be unpredictable but with an attachment like this in your kit, you’ll be well prepared all year round.

No wind chill

When riding any motorbike unless you are well wrapped up with gloves, right clothing and helmet you will get very cold. This is due to the windchill hitting you constantly and it soon becomes unbearable in very cold and wet conditions. Our Bubble cab will prevent this and will stop all windchill so that you can travel in more comfortably.

Improved safety

Although off-road vehicles are designed to drive over difficult terrain, when the weather isn’t on your side this can affect your handling. However, the bubble cab adds an extra layer of protection so your vision is less affected by the weather and you can maintain better control while driving.

Better efficiency

Being productive is essential in all environments. The bubble cab is a simple yet effective way of improving efficiency so you can get more done. Additionally, the cab is fitted with reflective lights so day or night you’re able to complete tasks productively.

At Quadcrate, we’re passionate about making your off-road vehicle work for your specific needs. No matter what industry you’re in, our range of carefully designed ATV attachments will make your day to day jobs easier and safer. Invest in the Bubble Cab today and benefit from weather protection all year round. For more information get in touch with our helpful team.

We recommend that a helmet is always worn when using the Bubble cab on your quad.

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