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ATV Dog Safety

ATV Dog Handling Package

Our ATV Dog Safety Solution, Four Reasons Why You Need One…

Using an ATV on your farm can be extremely handy. Whether you’re carrying tools from A to B or you want to stay safe in all weather conditions, you can instantly improve productivity around the farm when you have an off-road vehicle. Have you considered ATV Dog Safety?

Better yet, with the right attachments, your ATV can keep your animals safe. Our new Dog Handling Package is a great addition to your kit so you can have greater peace of mind about the safety of your farm dog.

Here are four top reasons why you need an ATV Dog Safety Package.

It’s suitable for trainee pups and experienced dogs

No matter how experienced your farm dog is, safety is a top priority. Our package includes a large transport cage that’s suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. That means you can easily attach the cage to your ATV and have your dog ride along so they’re away from hazards. If you have dogs that work close to busy roads, then having a place where they are safe is very important.

There will be fewer injuries and accidents

When your dog gets injured or is involved in an accident not only is it very distressing but it can make a big impact on daily farm tasks. With a number of different machines and tools being used all over the farm, you have to be mindful of where your dogs are at all times – even well-trained dogs can go into dangerous areas. Additionally, a lot of accidents have happened, where dogs have got injured, jumping off quads resulting in serious injury and death in some cases – that’s why having a safe way to transport your animals will reduce the risk of injury so you can have greater peace of mind.

You can get on with jobs quicker

Farm dogs are farmers’ best friends so what’s better than having your dog by your side? On a practical level, our transport cage can improve your productivity as your dog can quickly hop in and away you go. Perhaps you have a number of jobs to complete but you don’t have time to escort your dog back safely, well with this dog handling package to hand you can work efficiently.

There’s space for your dog and your tools

By itself an ATV is great but with helpful attachments, it’s even more effective. This package includes a dog cage as well as a front postholder and toolbox. As a multi-purpose kit, you can carry both your dog and your tools in one saving you extra trips!

Invest in our Dog Handling Package today and keep your farm dog safe. This package will allow ATV operators to carry out several agricultural tasks and rest tired dogs, preparing them for the next job. For more information get in touch with our helpful team. Don’t forget to browse our range of other ATV attachments to create a vehicle kit that works for your needs.

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