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ATV Rider Weather Protection

Keep Smiling Through All The Seasons

You know how it is, the alarm goes off, you jump out of bed ready to face the long day ahead… and… you hear the rain pounding on the corrugated roofs. I know, the weather app said it would be a cloudy but rain free start to the morning… wrong.

Straight away, your day has got off on the wrong foot. You’re already thinking about the other jobs that needed to be done, and maybe you can reorganise your day and see if the weather lets up… anything but jumping on the ATV is this weather.

The Quadcrate Solution

Well, fear not… there is a solution at hand… The Quadcrate Bubble Cab providing great atv rider weather protection.

This product is one of my favourites. The sturdy galvanised mild steel frame attaches to the front and rear bale racks, looking pretty much like a roll cage. Then attached to this is the vital ingredient… The polycarbonate sheet. This will give you all-weather protection above, behind and right in front you. Hail, snow, rain, wind, whatever the weather chooses to throw at you that day, you’ll be sitting comfortably behind the Bubble Cab.

Keep Warmer and Dryer in your Bubble Cab

We all know, whether from our own personal experiences or our farm hands’, that moral and motivation does take a hit when dealing with the British weather. If you’ve started the day cold and wet through, then you or your help isn’t going to be performing at their best, which obviously means jobs will take longer and may not be done to your high standards. Keeping yourself dry and sheltered could make you and your farm hands more productive with our innovative atv rider weather protection solution.

Safety First

At Quadcrate we always design and manufacture our products to a very high standard, with the client’s major needs being addressed, whether it be efficiency, productivity or cost saving… or safety. Safety is a top priority for us when we create our products, they are vigorously ‘farm’ tested (by me and Dad) to highlight if any improvements can be made. The Bubble Cab’s sturdy frame and cab will definitely offer protection from things like bramble and branches and should you be unfortunate enough to roll the ATV, then it could prevent the accident from being much worse. However, that said, please don’t go out riding bareback… wear proper clothing and that all important crash helmet.

You can view on our website all the products Quadcrate has to offer and even watch me putting them through their paces, plus you can view our testimonials from our previous clients.

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