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ATV Farm Fencing

ATV Farm Fencing Solution

We all know that if you have good livestock then you also need good fencing, well we’ve created a great atv farm fencing solution…

As we are well into the summer months now… probably furthest from your mind is the job of getting your fencing sorted. Now, it may just be one of your least favourite jobs around the farm, but it obviously is an important one. Keeping your livestock where they are supposed to be requires good, solid and well maintained fencing.

Plus, you may want to install fencing to protect your crops from your own livestock or vermin such as rabbits, deer, etc… Once the installation and/or maintenance is done, rest assured you’ll get a better nights sleep.

Time Saving Solutions

To make that all important fencing job a lot easier, our atv farm fencing solution will do the job, whether it be post and rail, electric or wire fencing, we have several solutions which attach to your ATV and, we’re comfortable saying, all will save you time and effort.

Our first offering is the Front Postholder, and as the name suggests, it attaches to the front of the ATV onto the bale rack. It’s suitable for various different items ranging from tool boxes to feed bags… but is actually designed for securing and carrying up to 15 fence posts or several reels of barbed wire thanks to its sturdy design. The base has raised lips to ensure your load stays in place and as an added safety feature also comes with securing side chains… so rest assured, even over the most challenging of your terrain, you’ll arrive with your load intact. The Front Postholder has also been designed to have our Front Toolbox attached to the front, so you will be able to carry everything you need and not having to return to base as often.

Our second offering, the Back Postholder attaches to the rear of your ATV onto the rear bale rack. It is similar in styling to the Front Postholder but on a larger scale therefore allowing for more posts, etc., to be transported. When both are attached, and loaded up with your posts, reels, feed bags, or whatever you’re transporting, the weight of your load will be spread out evenly ensuring you can tackle the toughest terrain.

If you’re looking for a fencing solution that covers all types of fencing, not just post and rail, we have a great ‘Fencing Package’ which includes both Postholders, plus our products tailored to wire fencing, which are the Wire unroller for and the Wire Tensioner. This package also includes our Quadcrate and the Front Toolbox and offers a saving against when bought as individual products.

Rigorously Farm Tested

The Postholders are rigorously tested for use on varying terrains and in all the differing weather conditions the UK climate can offer, if fact, all of our products are, so we are confident that you’ll have no complaints. Our comprehensive Fencing Package which includes the 2 Postholders front and back, front toolbox along with the wire un-roller, wire tensioners and Quadcrate. Check out our products pages for any additional information you need or get in touch.

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