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Quadcrate’s First Balmoral Agricultural Show

Agricultural Show

So there was nothing else for it, Quadcrate was a business and the Balmoral Agricultural Show was to be hit. I remember sweating at the thought “what if we do rubbish or nobody likes it?”

These were questions going through my mind…

I needed to put on a good show and forget about the negativity. Getting things ready for your first show was stressful, trying to remember everything.

Getting brochures sorted, business cards and banners etc it was hectic but the buzz of the thoughts that we could do well spurred me on.

That was it, my brother Stanley and I were on the road to get set up, sunny morning, sun glasses on, food packed, everything packed and teeth washed.

My heart kept pounding at the thought that Quadcrate would soon be launched at its first show.

Approaching Balmoral traffic was busy, lorries and vans with logos on them all setting up. Trying to get parked was a nightmare but found a place. People walking fast with big smiles, the heat of the evening sun was making me sweat. The buzz was infectious and then coming into the hall I found my spot and I remember saying wow.

Off to work we went to get set up. Still sweating, panting, meeting people who I knew, it was all going on. After 4 hours we could sit down and again once I had made us a coffee and look at the stand again I said “wow”.

So here it was first day of the show, again the weather was hot and people everywhere. Interest was good potential customers were intrigued with the Quadcrate innovation. I was so happy they liked it and then my first sale of the show.

A man from Antrim bought a Fencing package delighted I was. Before we knew it, it was the last day and we had received 8 orders, I was so pleased.

People liked what I had designed which took a lot of pressure off my shoulders. Then a few hours before the end of the show my Mum and Dad landed in. They looked proud and were all smiles as I told them about my 12 orders. I felt great ? With the show over and getting ready for home chatting to other exhibitors I had got the drug. The buzz of the show was electric everyone was delighted the show had gone well. The weather played a big part I remember, going home Stan and I were so relieved and we had 12 orders to sort.

The future looked bright for Quadcrate ? To be continued

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