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Quadcrate Innovation at the Cavan Spring Farm Machinery Show!

Farmers and outdoor enthusiasts revolutionise your Utility ATV! Mark your calendars for a game-changing experience at the Cavan Spring Farm Machinery Show. This year, we’re thrilled to feature Quadcrate, the revolutionary accessory that’s transforming the way you work on your farm.

📅 Date: 31st January to 1st February 2024

📍 Location: County Cavan, Southern Ireland

🔥 Exclusive Show Offer! 🔥

Don’t miss our Show Exclusive Offer on all of our product range at 10% off, use code SFM24 on checkout or in show – a must-have for all farmers!

Why Visit Quadcrate’s Booth?

• Innovation at Your Fingertips: Witness firsthand how Quadcrate is redefining farm efficiency.
• Exclusive Show Offer: Take advantage of our special offer on all Quadcrate Packages – available at the show or at our online shop: Enter discount code SFM24
• Expert Insights: Chat with our Quadcrate specialists. Learn tips and tricks to maximise your productivity.
• Live Demonstrations: See the Quadcrate in action and discover how it can revolutionise your daily tasks.

The Bubble Cab: Complete Weather Protection – A Show Special You Can’t Miss

Designed to enhance your Quadcrate experience, the Bubble Cab offers:
• Enhanced Comfort: Work in any weather, stay dry and protected.
• Increased Efficiency: More time working, less time battling the elements.
• Seamless Integration: Fits perfectly with your existing Quadcrate setup.

Join Us for a Day of Discovery

This is more than a show; it’s an opportunity to transform the way you work. Whether you’re a long-time Quadcrate fan or new to the concept, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t Forget:

This exclusive offer on the Bubble Cab and all Quadcrate Packages is only available during the Cavan Spring Farm Machinery Show. Make sure to stop by our booth for this once-in-a-lifetime deal or Online Use Code SFM24

🚜 Elevate Your Farming Experience with Quadcrate! See You at Cavan! 🚜

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The Art of Farming in January

The Art of Farming in January

Captivating the Spirit of Winter Farming

As the first light of dawn breaks over the frost-kissed fields of the British Isles in January, a unique tapestry of farming activities begins to unfold. It’s a time when the air is crisp, the ground is firm, and the natural world seems to be in a deep slumber. Yet, beneath this serene winter facade, the heartbeat of agriculture continues with vigor and determination.

Understanding the January Landscape

The Natural Rhythm: Embracing the Cold

In January, the British Isles are enveloped in a blanket of cool temperatures and shorter days. This season, often perceived as a period of dormancy, is in fact a critical phase for farming. It’s a time for planning, preparation, and embracing the unique opportunities that only winter can offer.

The Soil’s Rest: A Time for Rejuvenation

The frost and moisture of January play a pivotal role in rejuvenating the soil. This natural process breaks down organic matter, enriching the soil and setting the stage for a bountiful spring. It’s a period of rest for the earth, but also a time of preparation.

Key Farming Activities in January

Livestock Care: Nurturing in the Cold

Farmers in the British Isles give special attention to their livestock during these colder months. Ensuring animals are well-fed, sheltered, and healthy is paramount. This includes regular health checks and maintaining adequate feed and water supplies, crucial for their well-being.

Crop Planning: Sowing the Seeds of Tomorrow

January is the perfect time for farmers to plan their crop rotations for the upcoming year. Decisions made now will impact the harvest seasons ahead. It’s a strategic process, involving careful consideration of soil health, market demands, and environmental sustainability.

Maintenance and Skill Building: The Hidden Opportunity

This quieter season is ideal for equipment maintenance and skill enhancement. Farmers use this time to repair machinery, update technology, and engage in educational opportunities, ensuring they stay at the forefront of agricultural innovation.

Sustainable Practices

Embracing Organic Techniques: The Future of Farming

More farmers in the British Isles are turning to organic farming methods. January is a time to plan for natural pest control strategies, crop diversity, and sustainable soil management, laying the groundwork for a healthier ecosystem.

Renewable Energy: Harnessing Winter’s Power

The use of renewable energy sources like wind and solar power is gaining momentum. In January, farmers assess their energy needs and explore sustainable options, contributing to a greener future.

The Community Connection

Supporting Local: A Win-Win for Everyone

January is a time to strengthen bonds within the farming community and with local consumers. By supporting local farms, consumers get fresh, high-quality products, while farmers gain a dedicated customer base, creating a resilient local economy.

Educational Initiatives: Sharing Knowledge

Farmers often engage in community outreach during this month, sharing their knowledge and experiences. This fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of farming, bridging the gap between rural and urban communities.

Looking Ahead: The Promise of Spring

As January draws to a close, farmers in the British Isles look forward to the promise of spring and the lambing season. The groundwork laid during this chilly month paves the way for the lush growth and abundant harvests to come. It’s a testament to the resilience, adaptability, and foresight that define the spirit of farming in these lands.

In summary, farming in the British Isles during January is a blend of preparation, maintenance, and strategic planning, all underpinned by sustainable practices and community engagement. It’s a time when farmers lay the foundation for the year ahead, ensuring the continued prosperity and sustainability of their land and livelihoods. By understanding and appreciating these efforts, we can all play a part in supporting this vital industry, essential to our lives and the health of our planet.

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ATV Weather Protection: Revolution in Farming Efficiency

Braving the Elements – ATV Weather Protection

In the heart of rural landscapes, where the earth and sky often meet in a dance of unpredictable weather, lies the undying spirit of the farmer. Here, the land is not just soil, but a canvas of life, painted with the sweat and perseverance of those who toil upon it. However, this beautiful yet rugged terrain is also home to an unforgiving adversary: harsh weather. From torrential rains to biting winds, farmers face a daily battle with the elements, a battle that demands resilience and, most importantly, the right tools.

The Challenge – Weather’s Wrath on the Farm

Our story begins with a farmer named Alex, who epitomizes the resilience and grit of the agricultural community. Day in and day out, Alex works tirelessly, navigating his ATV across the sprawling fields. However, the weather, as unpredictable as it is harsh, often turns from a benign ally to a formidable foe. Sudden downpours, chilling winds, and blistering sun become relentless obstacles, hindering work and threatening safety.

Like many farmers, Alex often found himself caught in the midst of these elements, with little more than a raincoat or sunhat for protection. The toll on his health and efficiency was evident. The need for a solution was not just a matter of convenience, but of necessity.

The Revelation – Discovering the Bubble Cab

One evening, as Alex sought solace in his warm home, his eyes fell upon an advertisement for the Bubble Cab on Intrigued, he delved deeper, exploring the product that promised not just protection from the elements but an enhancement of his farming efficiency.

The Bubble Cab, as he learned, was not just another accessory for the ATV; it was a shield, a guardian against the capricious moods of nature. Designed with the farmer in mind, it offered a sanctuary where one could work in peace, unaffected by the weather’s whims.

The Transformation – Embracing the Bubble Cab

The decision to purchase the Bubble Cab was a turning point for Alex. Installation was a breeze, and the transformation of his ATV was nothing short of remarkable. The robust yet transparent structure enveloped the vehicle, creating a bubble of comfort and safety.

Alex could now navigate his fields regardless of rain, wind, or scorching sun. The clear material provided unobstructed visibility, ensuring he could work with precision and confidence. The cab’s ventilation system ensured a comfortable environment, free from the stuffiness often associated with enclosed spaces.

The Benefits – More Than Just Weather Protection

The advantages of the Bubble Cab extended beyond weather protection. Alex noticed a significant increase in his productivity. He could start his workday earlier and end later, no longer bound by the limitations of daylight or weather. The time saved was substantial, allowing him to focus on other essential aspects of farm management.

Furthermore, the Bubble Cab’s protection meant a reduction in health risks associated with prolonged exposure to harsh weather. Alex felt healthier, more energised, and ready to tackle each day with renewed vigour.

The Bubble cab turned off the killing windchill and allowed Alex to stay out and get his work done. In the future the weather wasn’t going to hold him back ever again.

The Impact – A Community Embraces Change

Word of Alex’s newfound efficiency and comfort spread quickly through the farming community. Soon, more farmers began adopting the Bubble Cab, witnessing firsthand the transformation it brought to their work lives. The community saw a collective increase in productivity and well-being, changing the landscape of farming in their area.

Conclusion: The Invitation – Join the Revolution

The Bubble Cab, available on, is not just a product; it’s a testament to innovation and understanding of the farmer’s needs. It represents a commitment to making farming not just a livelihood but a lifestyle marked by efficiency, safety, and comfort.

We invite you to experience this revolution in farming. Visit and join a growing community of farmers who have embraced the Bubble Cab, turning the challenges of weather into opportunities for growth and success.

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Weather and Farming Challenges in the UK and Ireland

Weather And Farming Challenges

Weather and Farming in the UK and Ireland presents a unique set of challenges throughout the year, with each season bringing its own hurdles. As we consider the specific period of late autumn to early winter, farmers are faced with a combination of completing harvests, preparing for the cold, dealing with the wetter climate, and ensuring their livestock and crops are protected. This period is a critical transition where the remnants of harvest season meet the onset of preparations for winter.

The Harvest Hustle

At this time of year, farmers are typically wrapping up harvests. In the UK and Ireland, the weather can be unpredictable, with a chance of early frosts that can damage late-harvest crops. Farmers must vigilantly monitor weather forecasts and may need to accelerate their harvesting processes to prevent crop loss. The urgency is to secure the harvest before conditions worsen, which requires diligent planning and sometimes round-the-clock work.

Wet Weather Woes

Both the UK and Ireland are known for their wet autumns. Heavy rainfall can lead to waterlogged fields, which is problematic for both machinery and soil health. Excessively wet soil can complicate fieldwork, making it difficult for heavy machinery to operate without damaging the soil structure. Waterlogged fields also hinder root growth and can cause rot in crops still in the ground.

Livestock Challenges

For livestock farmers, this time of year is about preparing animals for the colder months. This includes ensuring that all animals have adequate shelter, their housing is clean and dry, and there is enough feed stored to last through winter when grazing is not possible. Wet conditions can also increase the risk of disease in livestock, so farmers must be proactive in health management.

Winter Crop Planting

This period is also crucial for planting winter crops, such as winter wheat and barley. These crops need to be sown in good time so they can establish themselves before the growth-slowing cold sets in. However, cold snaps or an early onset of winter weather can threaten their establishment and ultimately affect yields for the following year.

Frosty Mornings and Shorter Days

Frost is a significant concern, as it can damage or kill crops and affect the health of newborn livestock. Preparing for frost involves a multitude of tasks, including covering sensitive crops and ensuring that animals have warm bedding. Additionally, shorter daylight hours limit the time available for outdoor work, which can compress the already busy schedule of a farmer.

Solutions and Adaptations

To address these challenges, farmers in the UK and Ireland have developed various strategies. These include the use of cover crops to protect the soil, innovative drainage solutions to manage excess water, and the adoption of precision agriculture to optimize the timing of planting and harvesting. Technology plays a crucial role, with advances in forecasting and farming apps helping farmers to plan more effectively around the weather.

In addition to individual efforts, there’s a community aspect to farming that becomes particularly important during challenging times. Farmers may share resources, like machinery or labor, to ensure that all crops are harvested in time or to help each other in emergency situations, such as sudden weather events.

The farming community also looks to support from agricultural technology companies like Quadcrate, whose products, like the Bubble Cab, are designed to help farmers work more efficiently and protect their investments from the unpredictable climate.


The life of a farmer in the UK and Ireland during this transitional season is a dance with nature, requiring a blend of age-old wisdom and modern innovation. Each year, they face the elements with a resilience that is as much a part of the farming landscape as the fields and livestock they tend. With climate change presenting ever more unpredictable weather patterns, this resilience, combined with an increasing reliance on technological support, will continue to define the future of farming in these countries.

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The Dawn of a New Lambing Season

prepare for lambing season

The Anticipation of Spring

As the last remnants of winter faded, the rolling hills and lush pastures of the countryside began to stir with life. The air was filled with a sense of expectation and renewal. Farmers across the land were preparing for one of the most pivotal times of the year: the lambing season.

In the heart of these preparations was the story of Emma, a seasoned shepherdess, who had seen many seasons come and go. This year, however, was different. With the challenges of the past year still fresh in her mind, Emma looked forward to this lambing season with a mix of hope and determination.

The Preparation

Emma knew that successful lambing was all about preparation. As she walked through her fields, she could see her flock, their woolly coats thick and ready for shearing. The ewes were in their final trimester, and it was crucial to ensure they had the right nutrition and care.

At the barn, Emma and her team were busy setting up the lambing pens, a task that required both precision and an understanding of the sheep’s needs. They needed to be spacious, yet secure; accessible, yet peaceful. Every detail mattered.

The Role of Technology and Innovation

This year, Emma decided to incorporate more technology into her lambing process. She had heard about the Quadcrate Lambing Package and, after some research, was convinced it was what she needed to improve efficiency and care. The package included essential tools like a ewe transporter, a Lambox, and a toolbox – all designed to make lambing smoother and more manageable.

The versatility of the Quadcrate tools allowed Emma to be more mobile and responsive. She could now quickly solve problems in the field, transport lambs safely, and even assist with difficult births more effectively. The Quadcrate folded down can even be used as a temporary delivery table for difficult lambing’s

The Lambing Begins

As lambing season commenced, Emma found herself in the thick of action. Night and day blurred together as she and her team attended to the ewes. The birth of each lamb was a miracle in itself – a moment of pure joy amidst the hard work.

The Quadcrate Lambing Package proved invaluable. The Transport cage was particularly useful, allowing Emma to transport, a ewe and her lambs in very wet conditions. The Lambing package allows stock to be moved without the need for a trailer which creates drag and can make fields more slippy in wet weather.

Emma could see there was great uses for both a Lambing package and a quad trailer and that both were the tools needed for different scenarios while lambing.

Challenges and Triumphs

Lambing season was not without its challenges. There were moments of worry – ewes struggling during birth, lambs needing extra care – but Emma’s experience, coupled with her new tools, helped her navigate these difficulties with confidence.

As the season progressed, the fields around Emma’s farm were filled with the sight of playful lambs, jumping and running under the watchful eyes of their mothers. It was a testament to the hard work and dedication of Emma and her team.

Reflections and Looking Ahead

As the lambing season drew to a close, Emma reflected on the successes and the lessons learned. The introduction of the Quadcrate Lambing Package had been a game-changer, allowing her to work more efficiently and with greater ease. She felt she had been able to save time during this busy period with less hands on.

She realised that lambing, much like life, was a continuous cycle of learning and adapting. With the right tools and a resilient spirit, the challenges could always be met.

A Message to Fellow Farmers

Emma’s story is a beacon for farmers everywhere, highlighting the importance of preparation, innovation, and adaptability. The Quadcrate Lambing Package, with its range of practical and versatile tools, stands as an exemplary solution for those looking to enhance their lambing season operations.

As we look towards the next lambing season, it is clear that with the right approach and tools, the future of farming can be as bright as the first rays of spring.

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Keeping Warm and Dry in Harsh Weather

Protection from the bad weather, usually the wind and rain… especially driving rain and biting head winds, is a necessity when on a farm, jobs still need to be done, and as I often find there are generally more of them when the weather turns bad. Moving livestock, repairing fences, etc.. is often made easier with good winter clothing and your ATV.

Using your ATV in all Seasons

The ATV has been a game changer when it comes to farming… in terms of speed and manoeuvrability it’ll get you to where you need to be probably quicker than your other farm vehicles, but also to more difficult to reach areas. So, it might be fair to say it’s one of your favourites modes of transport on the farm.
So, moving through the seasons from Autumn through to Winter and then into Spring, the weather is going to get colder and wetter. Previously, when those downpours finally came, did you find yourself reaching for those Land Rover keys? It must be tempting. I can see how rain, snow, wind and the biting cold could turn a hardened farm hand into a fair weather farmer.

Take less of a battering from wind and rain

So here at Quadcrate, I took the decision to create a solution which allowed me to use my ATV in unfavourable weather… it’s called the Bubble Cab. Moulded from clear Polycarbonate which is attached to the very sturdy mild steel frame, which in turn is attached to the front and rear bale racks, sheltering the user to give you front, top, rear side protection from the elements.. keeping you both dry and protected from the wind. Which, allows you to comfortably use your vehicle on those most miserable weather days.

Winters coming

As I said the ATV was a game changer for farmers… the Bubble Cab I’m sure will improve the vehicle’s functionality further and will quickly be realised as a necessity on those wet and cold winter mornings. Place your order today, winter’s just around the corner.

With the shelter it gives, it might even keep your coffee hotter for longer too.

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Keep Smiling Through All The Seasons

You know how it is, the alarm goes off, you jump out of bed ready to face the long day ahead… and… you hear the rain pounding on the corrugated roofs. I know, the weather app said it would be a cloudy but rain free start to the morning… wrong.

Straight away, your day has got off on the wrong foot. You’re already thinking about the other jobs that needed to be done, and maybe you can reorganise your day and see if the weather lets up… anything but jumping on the ATV is this weather.

The Quadcrate Solution

Well, fear not… there is a solution at hand… The Quadcrate Bubble Cab.
This product is one of my favourites. The sturdy galvanised mild steel frame attaches to the front and rear bale racks, looking pretty much like a roll cage. Then attached to this is the vital ingredient… The polycarbonate sheet. This will give you all-weather protection above, behind and right in front you. Hail, snow, rain, wind, whatever the weather chooses to throw at you that day, you’ll be sitting comfortably behind the Bubble Cab.

Keep Warmer and Dryer in your Bubble Cab

We all know, whether from our own personal experiences or our farm hands’, that moral and motivation does take a hit when dealing with the British weather. If you’ve started the day cold and wet through, then you or your help isn’t going to be performing at their best, which obviously means jobs will take longer and may not be done to your high standards. Keeping yourself dry and sheltered could make you and your farm hands more productive.

Safety First

We, at Quadcrate always design and manufacture our products to a very high standard, with the client’s major needs being addressed, whether it be efficiency, productivity or cost saving… or safety. Safety is a top priority for us when we create our products, they are vigorously ‘farm’ tested (by me and Dad) to highlight if any improvements can be made. The Bubble Cab’s sturdy frame and cab will definitely offer protection from things like bramble and branches and should you be unfortunate enough to roll the ATV, then it could prevent the accident from being much worse. However, that said, please don’t go out riding bareback… wear proper clothing and that all important crash helmet.

You can view on our website all the products Quadcrate has to offer and even watch me putting them through their paces, plus you can view our testimonials from our previous clients.
Get in touch for more details

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Quadcrate Awards in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Quadcrate Awards

A Decade of Distinction

The journey of entrepreneurial success is often marked by milestones that stand as testament to innovation, business acumen, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Over the past decade and more, the Quadcrate journey has been distinguished by numerous Quadcrate awards, transcending expectations not just in the creation of groundbreaking products but also in garnering a cabinet full of prestigious accolades. Here’s a closer look at this illustrious journey of recognition and success.

Best New Innovation 2009 – Tullamore Show

The Tullamore Show, a premier event celebrating agricultural excellence, recognized our endeavor in 2009 with the “Best New Innovation” award. This accolade was the result of tireless research and development, which culminated in a product that not only served a significant need within the agricultural community but did so with unprecedented ingenuity.

Eircom Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009

In the same year, the Eircom Young Entrepreneur of the Year award found its recipient in a visionary whose fresh perspective and daring approach to business disrupted the status quo. It was a validation of the boldness inherent in the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives on challenging the expected and embracing the new.

Eircom Best Rural Business 2009

Proving that geographical boundaries do not limit excellence, the Best Rural Business award from Eircom in 2009 celebrated our firm’s commitment to invigorating the rural economy. It recognized the impact of creating a product that not only served rural needs but also became a catalyst for rural business vitality.

Smarta 100 – Reached Top 100 Businesses UK

Recognition soon crossed national boundaries when Smarta 100 listed us among the top 100 businesses in the UK. This recognition underscored our competitive edge, business model efficiency, and the overall impact on the UK’s business landscape.

Shell LiveWIRE – Young Entrepreneur of the Year Wales and NI Region 2010

The following year, the Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Wales and Northern Ireland region was a moment of pride that underscored the region’s innovative potential and the role of young leaders in shaping the future of business.

Best New Innovation with Retail Price of Less Than £10,000 Lamma Show 2013

At the Lamma Show 2013, we once again shone brightly with an award for the Best New Innovation under £10,000. This demonstrated that true innovation does not always come with a hefty price tag; it is about accessibility and practicality, bringing solutions to those who need them most without breaking the bank.

Future Innovation Award – Silver Award

Our journey of innovation was beautifully punctuated with the Future Innovation Silver Award, a nod to our company’s forward-thinking ethos and our continuous efforts to push the envelope, forecasting and filling the needs of tomorrow today.

Royal Welsh Show 2023, Machinery and Implement Section – Gold Award

Fast forward to the present day, where our commitment to excellence and innovation has been once again recognized at the Royal Welsh Show 2023. Winning the Gold Award in the Machinery and Implement Section did not just signify a moment of triumph but a continued legacy. It’s a declaration that we are still at the forefront of innovation, shaping the agricultural sector with our state-of-the-art machinery.

Reflecting on a Legacy

As we look back on these accolades, from the Eircom awards to the most recent triumph at the Royal Welsh Show, it’s clear that the journey is just as important as the destination. Each award in our gallery is more than a mere trophy; it is a story of passion, innovation, and unwavering dedication to excellence. These acknowledgments from peers and industry leaders do not just shine a light on past achievements but also forge a path of inspiration for the innovations yet to come.

Contact William Allingham

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Quadcrate Bubble Cab Video

So last week we attended the Lamma show at the NEC in Birmingham leading with our new Quadcrate Bubble Cab. We found it to be a massive show with all under one roof, nice and warm and dry allowing everyone to enjoy their day out.

Before we went we had been told we had won Silver in the Future Innovation Awards for our new product the Bubble cab.

This was a great start to our preparation as we were told we had won it before Christmas.

We were given a silver award plaque to have on show and it really was a positive talking point for a lot of people. The Bubble cab really turned heads and potential customers loved the spec and appreciated the quality of the finish.

It was the first time we had showed the Bubble with a front window and wiper. As this was a major question “had we a wiper on it”
Now we do ??

We had several ATV dealers interested in a demo as they could finally see up close how good the Quadcrate was. I kept referring to it as the “army Swiss knife for quads”
With that they were happy to say that they would have no bother selling the Quadcrate range to their customer base and wanted our pricelist ?

Although the Lamma show is quite expensive, unless you go you can’t meet and greet the people who can really help us get Quadcrate really seen for what it is. Attachments that are changing the lives of those who invest.

The show overall was a great success with us receiving several orders for both Quadcrate packages and Quadcrate Bubble Cabs

Hopefully we can attend again next year and really drive forward with Quadcrate.

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Farm Fencing Solutions

Farm Fencing Solutions

Simplify One of the Most Painful Jobs When Fencing

Now, when it comes to creating fencing, be it Post and Rail, Electric or Wire, we have several farm fencing solutions that will certainly help you complete the job. For this post I’m going to concentrate on the tricky issue of laying wire fences, especially Sheep and Barbed Wire Fences.

This has probably brought some very unpleasant memories for you as it has for me. Handling that Barbed Wire, rolling it out ready for securing to the posts, I bet its caused a ‘few’ nicks here and there, even if you were wearing gloves.

Now, a Wire Fence and a Barbed Wire Fence certainly have a number of advantages over other forms of fencing… it can be cheaper… and it can be erected far quicker, hence saving time and money… so we’ve created two farm fence solutions specifically designed to make the job as simple and safe as possible.

Why Walk When You Can Roll

Up first is the Wire Unroller which neatly attaches to our Quadcrate on your ATV and can unroll around 100 metres in 30 seconds, try doing that by hand and on your own. It’s design enables you to roll out a 3 coil or a 2 coil barbed wire fence ensuring the distance between the coils is maintained. A handy little tip is, it can also be used to safely roll up old wire fencing if needed… win win.

Stop Manually Tensioning

How many wire fences have you manually tensioned? If the answer was just one, it was one too many. Our Wire Tensioner is a god send. It attaches to your ATV but is also suitable for attaching to your other farm vehicles such a tractor or a teleporter, if for example, you need to raise the fencing higher. It really does make light work of this task… giving you your time back.

When attached to your ATV, and if you have loaded the bale racks with some heavy items to give you more traction, you can literally put strain on up to 50 metres of Sheep wire fencing.

As with all of our products we do like to offer you a package, so we have bundled together a ‘Fencing Package’ which includes all of our products relating to those fencing jobs… Front and Back Postholders, our Quadcrate, the Tool Box and of course the Wire Unroller and the Wire Tensioner. This really is a great bundle and I’m sure you’ll save both man hours and money… not to mention a fortune on band-aids ?