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ATV Rider Weather Protection

Keep Smiling Through All The Seasons

You know how it is, the alarm goes off, you jump out of bed ready to face the long day ahead… and… you hear the rain pounding on the corrugated roofs. I know, the weather app said it would be a cloudy but rain free start to the morning… wrong.

Straight away, your day has got off on the wrong foot. You’re already thinking about the other jobs that needed to be done, and maybe you can reorganise your day and see if the weather lets up… anything but jumping on the ATV is this weather.

The Quadcrate Solution

Well, fear not… there is a solution at hand… The Quadcrate Bubble Cab providing great atv rider weather protection.

This product is one of my favourites. The sturdy galvanised mild steel frame attaches to the front and rear bale racks, looking pretty much like a roll cage. Then attached to this is the vital ingredient… The polycarbonate sheet. This will give you all-weather protection above, behind and right in front you. Hail, snow, rain, wind, whatever the weather chooses to throw at you that day, you’ll be sitting comfortably behind the Bubble Cab.

Keep Warmer and Dryer in your Bubble Cab

We all know, whether from our own personal experiences or our farm hands’, that moral and motivation does take a hit when dealing with the British weather. If you’ve started the day cold and wet through, then you or your help isn’t going to be performing at their best, which obviously means jobs will take longer and may not be done to your high standards. Keeping yourself dry and sheltered could make you and your farm hands more productive with our innovative atv rider weather protection solution.

Safety First

At Quadcrate we always design and manufacture our products to a very high standard, with the client’s major needs being addressed, whether it be efficiency, productivity or cost saving… or safety. Safety is a top priority for us when we create our products, they are vigorously ‘farm’ tested (by me and Dad) to highlight if any improvements can be made. The Bubble Cab’s sturdy frame and cab will definitely offer protection from things like bramble and branches and should you be unfortunate enough to roll the ATV, then it could prevent the accident from being much worse. However, that said, please don’t go out riding bareback… wear proper clothing and that all important crash helmet.

You can view on our website all the products Quadcrate has to offer and even watch me putting them through their paces, plus you can view our testimonials from our previous clients.

Get in touch for more details

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ATV Farm Fencing

ATV Farm Fencing Solution

We all know that if you have good livestock then you also need good fencing, well we’ve created a great atv farm fencing solution…

As we are well into the summer months now… probably furthest from your mind is the job of getting your fencing sorted. Now, it may just be one of your least favourite jobs around the farm, but it obviously is an important one. Keeping your livestock where they are supposed to be requires good, solid and well maintained fencing.

Plus, you may want to install fencing to protect your crops from your own livestock or vermin such as rabbits, deer, etc… Once the installation and/or maintenance is done, rest assured you’ll get a better nights sleep.

Time Saving Solutions

To make that all important fencing job a lot easier, our atv farm fencing solution will do the job, whether it be post and rail, electric or wire fencing, we have several solutions which attach to your ATV and, we’re comfortable saying, all will save you time and effort.

Our first offering is the Front Postholder, and as the name suggests, it attaches to the front of the ATV onto the bale rack. It’s suitable for various different items ranging from tool boxes to feed bags… but is actually designed for securing and carrying up to 15 fence posts or several reels of barbed wire thanks to its sturdy design. The base has raised lips to ensure your load stays in place and as an added safety feature also comes with securing side chains… so rest assured, even over the most challenging of your terrain, you’ll arrive with your load intact. The Front Postholder has also been designed to have our Front Toolbox attached to the front, so you will be able to carry everything you need and not having to return to base as often.

Our second offering, the Back Postholder attaches to the rear of your ATV onto the rear bale rack. It is similar in styling to the Front Postholder but on a larger scale therefore allowing for more posts, etc., to be transported. When both are attached, and loaded up with your posts, reels, feed bags, or whatever you’re transporting, the weight of your load will be spread out evenly ensuring you can tackle the toughest terrain.

If you’re looking for a fencing solution that covers all types of fencing, not just post and rail, we have a great ‘Fencing Package’ which includes both Postholders, plus our products tailored to wire fencing, which are the Wire unroller for and the Wire Tensioner. This package also includes our Quadcrate and the Front Toolbox and offers a saving against when bought as individual products.

Rigorously Farm Tested

The Postholders are rigorously tested for use on varying terrains and in all the differing weather conditions the UK climate can offer, if fact, all of our products are, so we are confident that you’ll have no complaints. Our comprehensive Fencing Package which includes the 2 Postholders front and back, front toolbox along with the wire un-roller, wire tensioners and Quadcrate. Check out our products pages for any additional information you need or get in touch.

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Visit Us at the NPA Ploughing Championships

We are attending the NPA Ploughing Championships in Co Laois Row 16 Stand 273.

If you are wanting to unlock your quads full potential please call in for a chat as we have the keys ?

We are doing a promotion of 10% off for show season during the NPA.

This promotion is running till the 20/10/2022 and after the show to avail you must order online and use the promo code QUADCRATE10

See you there ?

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New Quadcrate Combo Package

quadcrate combo package

A Farmer can never have too many attachments for their ATV and the new Quadcrate Combo package is no exception! Including everything you need for everyday tasks and more, you can improve your overall efficiency, safety, and the quality of your work.

Here’s what you need to know about our cost-effective Combo package.

What is included in the combo package?

The Quadcrate Combo package is aimed at the all round Farmer who likes to get on with their own tasks let it be lambing time, or when fencing around the farm. We’ve included the essential attachments needed to complete these jobs easily all year round.

The package includes the following:

1 x Quadcrate®️

The Quadcrate®️ is a load-carrying device that is attached to the ATV and folds up when not in use. It allows the operator to carry a variety of items with ease, reaching areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach with a trailer. You can be ready to tow a trailer in a matter of seconds.

1 x Transport cage

You’ll be better prepared to deal with certain situations, such as bringing home a sick or deceased animal, with the Transport cage on the back of your ATV. The Transport cage is a comfortable way to transport a ewe, calf, goat, pig, or dogs from point A to point B. It’s easily attached and detached with sliding latches each side so loads can be taken off easily.

1 x Front Postholder

The Front Postholders are attached to the front bale rack and can carry a variety of items such as buckets, meal bags, toolboxes, barbed wire, sheep troughs and more. The Front Postholder allows the rider to transport items more safely so you don’t have to balance heavy loads when climbing very steep terrain.

1 x Back Postholder

Since the back bale rack on most ATVs is larger than the front, the Back Postholders are a larger version of the Front Postholders. When properly loaded, even the most difficult terrain can be easily navigated, allowing you to always arrive at your destination. We’ve found them to be extremely useful for transporting diesel in 20-litre drums to tractors and diggers over rough terrain, and they’re also great for carrying fencing posts.

1 x Lambox kit

The Lambox kit is available in two sizes and transforms either the Front or Back Postholders into a dual-purpose Lambox. The Lambox kit is basically techscrewed to either the front or back Postholders to make it into a Lambox. It’s a great accessory for transporting newborn lambs. The newborns can be kept safe during their journey back to the farm while the ewe is safe in the Transport cage. There is also a removable divider so 1/3 can be used for vetinary products and 2/3 for the new born lambs

1 x Front Toolbox

Carrying all of your tools can be a stressful job but with a Front Toolbox attachment, you can keep everything you need in one place. You’ll have space for hammers, steeples, rope, spanners and more so doing work on the go is a lot easier and productivity remains high.

1 x Wire un-roller

The Wire Unroller can unroll 50 meters of sheep wire in less than 15 seconds and 100 meters in 30 seconds, saving time and energy. There’s also a bar for unrolling three coils of barbed wire at once, which means you’ll have an extra pair of hands and won’t have to put off fencing tasks.

1 x Wire tensioner

The Wire Tensioner is an excellent tool for pulling sheep wire straight. Surprising strains can also be achieved by using your quad with the two Postholders front and back filled with posts or coils of wire to add extra weight which increases traction and allows for extra strain.

At Quadcrate, we design with functionality and safety in mind. Our ATV combo package includes the most important attachments for lambing duties, fencing and more.

Buy your Quadcrate Combo package today or get in touch with us for more information.

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Improving Farm Efficiency

Improving Farm Efficiency

With Help From Our Combo ATV Package

Come rain or shine, improving farm efficiency and keeping your farm productive all year round is essential to a successful farming business. You’ll never be short of jobs so investing in tools that will speed things up or adopting new processes to get more done can make all the difference to you and your team.

Here are some top ways of improving farm efficiency.

Keep your machinery clean and well maintained

Unexpected machine faults or complete breakdowns are not ideal and a few hours of repair time can quickly turn into days lost. It’s a good idea to inspect your machines and vehicles regularly, not only from a safety aspect, but to ensure that small faults are identified and rectified quickly. Additionally, giving everything a good clean will prevent debris from getting stuck and causing problems. Equipment is expensive so look after it!

Plan ahead so you’re well prepared

Farms are very much ruled by the seasons and the weather can completely throw your plans off track, especially if you are not prepared. Weather conditions, water availability and pests change every year so plan as much as you can so that you’re ready to go, but equally, don’t invest your time and effort into just one thing. For example, growing various crops means you have all grounds covered and don’t have to waste time trying to recover!

Utilise your ATV with the right attachments

If you don’t have the right tools for a particular task then it’s going to take much longer. For those with an ATV, why not utilise it even more? On their own ATVs are great but with a range of attachments, they’re even better and super efficient! The Quadcrate combo package is a cost-effective option that includes:

  • 1 x Quadcrate®
  • 1 x Animal cage
  • 1 x Back Postholder
  • 1 x Lambox kit
  • 1 x Front Postholder
  • 1 x Front Toolbox
  • 1 x Wire un-roller
  • 1 x Wire tensioner

Not only can you transport animals, repair fencing, carry your tools and more, but it also acts as a second pair of hands so higher work rates will be achieved.

Create a farm calendar

All staff members need to be aware of what is going on at the farm so that there are no surprises that could lead to lost time. A farm calendar will aid in planning and transparency, allowing everyone to be aware of forthcoming duties and can get on with jobs instead of not knowing the plan of action.

At Quadcrate, everything we design has practicality in mind. We understand that on a busy farm there’s always something to be done and that’s why our ATV combo package has the most essential attachments for your ATV. Getting jobs done has never been easier! Don’t forget to browse our custom packages or individual products too and contact us today for more information.

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ATV Dog Safety

ATV Dog Handling Package

Our ATV Dog Safety Solution, Four Reasons Why You Need One…

Using an ATV on your farm can be extremely handy. Whether you’re carrying tools from A to B or you want to stay safe in all weather conditions, you can instantly improve productivity around the farm when you have an off-road vehicle. Have you considered ATV Dog Safety?

Better yet, with the right attachments, your ATV can keep your animals safe. Our new Dog Handling Package is a great addition to your kit so you can have greater peace of mind about the safety of your farm dog.

Here are four top reasons why you need an ATV Dog Safety Package.

It’s suitable for trainee pups and experienced dogs

No matter how experienced your farm dog is, safety is a top priority. Our package includes a large transport cage that’s suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. That means you can easily attach the cage to your ATV and have your dog ride along so they’re away from hazards. If you have dogs that work close to busy roads, then having a place where they are safe is very important.

There will be fewer injuries and accidents

When your dog gets injured or is involved in an accident not only is it very distressing but it can make a big impact on daily farm tasks. With a number of different machines and tools being used all over the farm, you have to be mindful of where your dogs are at all times – even well-trained dogs can go into dangerous areas. Additionally, a lot of accidents have happened, where dogs have got injured, jumping off quads resulting in serious injury and death in some cases – that’s why having a safe way to transport your animals will reduce the risk of injury so you can have greater peace of mind.

You can get on with jobs quicker

Farm dogs are farmers’ best friends so what’s better than having your dog by your side? On a practical level, our transport cage can improve your productivity as your dog can quickly hop in and away you go. Perhaps you have a number of jobs to complete but you don’t have time to escort your dog back safely, well with this dog handling package to hand you can work efficiently.

There’s space for your dog and your tools

By itself an ATV is great but with helpful attachments, it’s even more effective. This package includes a dog cage as well as a front postholder and toolbox. As a multi-purpose kit, you can carry both your dog and your tools in one saving you extra trips!

Invest in our Dog Handling Package today and keep your farm dog safe. This package will allow ATV operators to carry out several agricultural tasks and rest tired dogs, preparing them for the next job. For more information get in touch with our helpful team. Don’t forget to browse our range of other ATV attachments to create a vehicle kit that works for your needs.

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How to Keep Your Farm Sheepdog Safe

A farm sheepdog can provide invaluable companionship and emotional support. For thousands of years, dogs have assisted in agriculture as livestock protectors and later as livestock herders. Today they are still as important as ever. Whether you’re training a new farm pup or you already have a reliable dog, safety should always be a top priority around your farm.

Here are four easy ways of keeping your farm sheepdog safe.

Make sure your perimeter is secure

Every farm should have secure and durable fencing, that way you’ll keep your animals in and keep unwelcome visitors out! Regular checks of your perimeter will ensure that your dog doesn’t escape through a small gap as even the most well behaved dogs can get a little curious and this could be a hazard if there are busy roads nearby. Broken fencing could also encourage dogs passing by to run into the farm. Although they should be on a lead, it’s best to be on the safe side.

Invest in ATV dog attachments

ATV’s are a great off-road vehicle to use around the farm as they can be used in so many ways. Our Quadcrate Dog Handling package is a must-have attachment for keeping young and experienced dogs safe. The transport cage is a secure place to put young canines when moving from A to B and allows them to still be able to see and hear what is going on around them.

Transporting dogs on an ATV without the right equipment is unsafe and could result in injury to your animal if they jump off the quad while in motion. Having this package will allow you to be in more control of this sort of circumstance.

Train them early

The importance of training in keeping your farm sheepdog safe cannot be emphasised enough. They can get comfortable in their environment and recognise danger by gradually exposing them to your cattle and acclimating them to the sights and sounds of the farm. Before gaining trust, walk them around the farm (on a leash at first)

If you’re looking for ATV attachments to keep your dog safe the Quadcrate Dog Handling package has everything you need, including:

  • 1 x Quadcrate + suspension bracket
  • 1 x Transport cage (2 positions)
  • 1 x Transport cage removable lid
  • 1 x Front Postholder
  • 1 x Front Toolbox

While your tired dog has a rest, you can get on with other duties around the farm. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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Keeping Your Farm Productive in All Weather Conditions

Quadcrate Bubble Cab

UK weather can be very unpredictable but on a busy working farm, work doesn’t stop just because it’s raining! Keeping your farm productive in all weather conditions is essential, at Quadcrate, we recognise the need for weather protection for your off-road vehicle and that’s where the Bubble Cab is very useful in all weathers.

Battling the wind and rain comes with added safety concerns and could slow down your productivity. However, the Bubble Cab is a practical solution that allows you to operate your ATV without being held back by the harsh elements thrown at you.

Here’s how the Bubble Cab and more can help you all year round.

How to overcome the weather on your farm

As a farmer you won’t be unfamiliar with the various weather conditions that you need to overcome throughout the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The best thing you can do is get prepared so whatever the weather, you can continue to run things smoothly.

Invest in the Bubble Cab for vehicle weather protection

For your ATV. As they are extremely useful around the farm and for getting from A to B is much quicker and carrying tools is easier. When using off-road vehicles you are exposed to all elements come rain and shine which comes with its own precautions such as when a quad operator is cold it can affect the handling on the vehicle.

The Bubble Cab is a great solution as it provides an overhead shield and no wind chill. This means you can stay dry while driving and get on with your day to day tasks with fewer disruptions. This product can be used with other attachments so however your vehicle is configured, it will work for you.

Make sure you have the right shelter for your animals

In order for livestock to be happy, healthy and productive you must have weather-proof shelter. In adverse weather, you should have covered barns, pens or sheds where your livestock can safely stay. It’s not just cold weather that needs to be considered. In the summer animals can easily get dehydrated so always ensure that you have a shaded area available.

Keep your crops safe in all weather

It’s important to be mindful of the weather and how it can affect your crops. When temperatures rise this can cause stress to your crops whereas too much rain can cause irrigation problems. Tunnels and covers are a great way of keeping your crops healthy and will make a big difference in how well they turn out when they’re ready to be harvested.

Invest in the Bubble Cab today from Quadcrate and benefit from weather protection all year round. Our multi-purpose non fading shield will make driving your ATV a lot easier in the wind or rain so you can remain productive around your farm and keep everything on track no matter how big your farm is. For more information get in touch with our helpful team. Don’t forget to browse our range of other ATV attachments and packages to create a vehicle kit that works for your needs.

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What is the ATV Bubble Cab?

Off-road vehicles such as ATV’s and UTV’s are great for navigating difficult terrain and carrying your tools safely from A to B. As a standalone vehicle, they’re great but with the right attachments, you can get so much more out of them to meet your specific needs.

Our newest product the ATV Bubble Cab is a practical weather shield that will keep you productive during all weather conditions – the great British weather can be unpredictable! Perfect for all harsh elements it’s an excellent addition to your ATV, wherever you work.

Here’s all you need to know about the Bubble Cab.

What is the bubble cab used for?

We first produced the bubble cab in 2019 as a prototype and showed it at the NPA ploughing championship in ROI where it got a lot of attention and as a result, we are now manufacturing the product for sale.

The ATV bubble cab is designed to keep vehicle users protected from all kinds of weather conditions. It’s installed over the ATV to create a weather shield while driving through, wind, rain or snow so you remain safer on the vehicle during harsh elements.

We’ve ensured that the bubble cab can be installed with individual products and custom packages so whatever configuration you already have on your ATV the bubble cab will fit seamlessly.

What are the benefits of the bubble cab attachment?

In adverse weather conditions staying productive can be a problem as there are additional hurdles to overcome. The bubble cab is a practical addition to your off road vehicle and provide the following benefits:

Weather protection

Work doesn’t stop just because it’s raining! With the bubble cab installed you’ll have an overhead and in front shield so you can remain dry whether you’re carrying baby lambs or transporting your tools. UK weather can be unpredictable but with an attachment like this in your kit, you’ll be well prepared all year round.

No wind chill

When riding any motorbike unless you are well wrapped up with gloves, right clothing and helmet you will get very cold. This is due to the windchill hitting you constantly and it soon becomes unbearable in very cold and wet conditions. Our Bubble cab will prevent this and will stop all windchill so that you can travel in more comfortably.

Improved safety

Although off-road vehicles are designed to drive over difficult terrain, when the weather isn’t on your side this can affect your handling. However, the bubble cab adds an extra layer of protection so your vision is less affected by the weather and you can maintain better control while driving.

Better efficiency

Being productive is essential in all environments. The bubble cab is a simple yet effective way of improving efficiency so you can get more done. Additionally, the cab is fitted with reflective lights so day or night you’re able to complete tasks productively.

At Quadcrate, we’re passionate about making your off-road vehicle work for your specific needs. No matter what industry you’re in, our range of carefully designed ATV attachments will make your day to day jobs easier and safer. Invest in the Bubble Cab today and benefit from weather protection all year round. For more information get in touch with our helpful team.

We recommend that a helmet is always worn when using the Bubble cab on your quad.

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New Quadcrate Bubble Cab

Check out our latest innovation, the New Quadcrate Bubble Cab

ATVs have become very popular since being introduced in the 80’s they have made life so much easier in different ways. They help keep operators moving quickly and efficiently all over the world.

Different parts of the globe obviously have mixed up climates some warm and dry and some cold and wet. Unfortunately Ireland and the UK are the latter, reason for introducing our new product, the
Quadcrate Bubble cab.

The Bubble cab objective is to act as a weather shield and keep the wind chill and wet off ATV riders. We have used one on our farm as a prototype for the last 2 years since showing it at the Ploughing Championships in 2019.

It got great interest and many wanted to buy it but I kept it, so we could really see how good it was first hand. We were very impressed and are now in the process of manufacturing these cabs which will make your quad a more comfortable machine.

My Dad who is in his mid 70s has been using it most out of any of us and he finds it great. It allows him to do more and keeps him dry so he can stay out longer and not have to fight all the harsh elements the weather throws. If my Dad thinks it’s good it must good as he is a man of few words.

If you are interested in our Quadcrate Bubble cab then please get in touch. It will be a sound investment.