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Improve the Running of Your Farm

How the Quadcrate® Products Will Help…

Improving the running of your farm requires a lot of planning and hard work, so investing in reliable equipment is essential if you want to complete jobs efficiently – that’s where ATV quads can be invaluable. Whether you’re tending to your livestock, maintaining your fencing or generally overseeing your farm Quadcrate® products are designed to fit seamlessly onto your ATV allowing loads to be carried quickly and safely around any farm.

Here’s how the Quadcrate® can improve the running of your farm all year round.

Get more done on the go

No matter how big your farm is you’ll want to get as much done as you can while on the go. Your ATV is great for getting from A to B quickly but you’ll be even more efficient if you have the correct attachments and can complete your jobs in one round. With everything you need safely fixed to your quad, you can finish jobs quicker and don’t have to worry about how to navigate your loads. Get more done on the go and improve the productivity levels around your farm.

Quadcrate® products are suitable for all seasons

The nature of agriculture is that some seasons are busier than others but nevertheless, you’ll never be short of things to do! Our custom designed products are designed to help you throughout the year. Utilise our ATV lamb box attachment during lambing season or get prepared for peak times by doing some repairs with our front toolbox that carries useful tools that are needed on an everyday basis. The Quadcrate® is particularly useful during autumn and winter when lighter machines are needed to get jobs done!

Reduce the chances of accidents

Every year thousands of business owners and employees experience workplace injuries most of which are a result of improper handling or accidents relating to equipment. To avoid this, you must invest in high-quality and safe equipment that is designed to suit your needs so you have a reduced risk of injury. Our Transport cage, for example, makes carrying loads much safer even when driving up steep terrain. A trailer is great for carrying bigger loads but affects the handling of the bike when on difficult or hilly terrain as it causes drag – that’s where our products provide a safer alternative, when loaded up correctly.

Adapt your ATV to suit your needs

Only you know what’s needed to keep your farm running smoothly but many of those factors can be fulfilled just by adapting your existing machinery. If you’re already an ATV owner, investing in Quadcrate® products can make your quad a great investment for long-term use. Our Custom packages will increase the efficiency of your farm as you’ll be well equipped to complete a range of tasks every day just by using your quad to its full potential.

If you’re an ATV user it’s time to get the most out of your quad with our carefully designed Quadcrate® products. We aim to make agricultural tasks easier and quicker than ever. Utilise your ATV in a new way with our innovative range including the Transport cage, Front Postholder, Lambox and more. Plus, all products meet CE Approved. Find out more today.

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Quadcrate’s First Balmoral Agricultural Show

Agricultural Show

So there was nothing else for it, Quadcrate was a business and the Balmoral Agricultural Show was to be hit. I remember sweating at the thought “what if we do rubbish or nobody likes it?”

These were questions going through my mind…

I needed to put on a good show and forget about the negativity. Getting things ready for your first show was stressful, trying to remember everything.

Getting brochures sorted, business cards and banners etc it was hectic but the buzz of the thoughts that we could do well spurred me on.

That was it, my brother Stanley and I were on the road to get set up, sunny morning, sun glasses on, food packed, everything packed and teeth washed.

My heart kept pounding at the thought that Quadcrate would soon be launched at its first show.

Approaching Balmoral traffic was busy, lorries and vans with logos on them all setting up. Trying to get parked was a nightmare but found a place. People walking fast with big smiles, the heat of the evening sun was making me sweat. The buzz was infectious and then coming into the hall I found my spot and I remember saying wow.

Off to work we went to get set up. Still sweating, panting, meeting people who I knew, it was all going on. After 4 hours we could sit down and again once I had made us a coffee and look at the stand again I said “wow”.

So here it was first day of the show, again the weather was hot and people everywhere. Interest was good potential customers were intrigued with the Quadcrate innovation. I was so happy they liked it and then my first sale of the show.

A man from Antrim bought a Fencing package delighted I was. Before we knew it, it was the last day and we had received 8 orders, I was so pleased.

People liked what I had designed which took a lot of pressure off my shoulders. Then a few hours before the end of the show my Mum and Dad landed in. They looked proud and were all smiles as I told them about my 12 orders. I felt great ? With the show over and getting ready for home chatting to other exhibitors I had got the drug. The buzz of the show was electric everyone was delighted the show had gone well. The weather played a big part I remember, going home Stan and I were so relieved and we had 12 orders to sort.

The future looked bright for Quadcrate ? To be continued

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My Next Innovation

While working away trying to better the farm in everyway I could, I could see different things happening. With my brother Stanley away in either Oz or New Zealand sheep shearing, I had to become more efficient. Jobs were still needing done but I had less time to do them as with starting my own business, it was full on.

My time needed to be managed more so that I could become more efficient and more productive. This is where my quad and Quadcrate stepped in, its was allowing me to deal with problem as I can across them.

This unique combo was the second pair of hands I needed to become smarter with my time. My ATV was the hub of my farm, I simply could not do without it in order to ensure my cattle and sheep were looked after better.
Efficiency and production were things that were drilled into me while at Harper Adams University in 2000. Here I learned about different tools and methods and better ways to do things. Them were the days ?

With going forward with Quadcrate I didn’t want the farm to suffer due to me spending less time on it. With the quad and Quadcrate I just felt more organised as I could get more done in less time. I could do so much more with my bike, no more leave it behind I will sort it later ethic. It was more like I can sort that now and keep solving the problems saving loads of time.

Working with Quadcrate, I was becoming even more convinced I was doing the right thing setting up in business. Quadcrate was helping me in so many ways so what was stopping it from helping the world ? was my thought. I had to get it more developed and invest in R&D to get it seen for what it was. We had the patents pending, I was seeing more and more productive potential, the sales I had the reports were good.

So there was nothing else for it let’s go to our first ever agricultural show “Balmoral” I was buzzing at the thought, wondering how it would go down so the work started into get the products show ready. 

We are going to Balmoral ?
To be continued…

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Realising the Potential

So they say if you enjoy your work the day goes faster, I know this to be true for me.

When I was a teenager I would work from early morning to late at night as I was single and hungry to work. Which was just as well as my Dad always give me plenty to do, whether I agreed with it or not.

I had the freedom though to put my own twist on things, to make them better and do things quicker.

When I saw how the Quadcrate was helping us do exactly that, in doing tasks quicker and leaving us better equipped to tackle problems head on. Instead of leaving a sick sheep behind us we could bring them with us. Instead of leaving a job off because we didn’t have a trailer, we could do it as we had the Quadcrate on hand.

While working on an out building with a friend, he looked around the Quadcrate and thought it was a great idea. While drinking a cup of tea he said you should look to get that patented, I have never seen anything like it. After a few days I did some research and found nothing resembling it at all so I kept digging.

With limited money but a buzz in my gut, I decided to go for it, to gather more info to see if it was worth patenting. Found a company to do the search’s and they also found nothing, the advice they give me was to act quick and get cover on it. I was hyper at the thought that this bracket I had designed may be the first of its kind, can it be?? I kept asking myself this.

The solution to a problem I had, looked worth pursuing but at a cost, patents cost money but both my gut and my heart said to chance it.

Here was really the start of my adventure into my venture of making Quadcrate a product worth buying. It was going to be hard but I was up for the fight ?

To be continued

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Quadcrate – The Future of ATV Utility

Sometimes the simpler things in life are the best, the ones that don’t take a professor with 19 PHDs or a computer technician to figure it out.

Once I saw ATCs or now ATVs as a child growing up, they got me sooo excited, I would nearly wet myself. The buzz of seeing a big Red Honda trike gave me goosebumps all over my body.

Once we were able to afford a quad on our farm, I was so shuffed but then the jobs started. The farm become a more enjoyable place to work, more productive and more efficient.

All and all quads have made a great impact on agriculture and the world as a whole. They allow people to move quicker to increase work rates and now Quadcrate®️has been born to make the utility 4 wheeler 100% more useful.

The Quadcrate®️ isnt rocket science, it’s an idea, practically made out of metal. It’s a suite of ATV attachments designed over time, that makes any utility quadbike into a work trojan. A Trojan workhorse never seen or utilised before for what they truly are, until Quadcrate®️ made it possible.

A carrying system like no other, that’s always there when you need it, like a good dog. Like a Swiss knife, available when you need to cut something.

When a Quadcrate system is fitted to an ATV, that ATV has just got its cape, it now has special powers. This machine with the right operator can take on almost any problem that may arise. It becomes a problem solver on wheels.

The future of Utility ATVs has Quadcrate In that mix as both together are like 2 peas in a pod. A quad and Quadcrate are the perfect combination to which will make light work of farming in today’s world.

The world needs Quadcrate®️ in order to become more efficient, more productive and more ready for the day, the week the future.

Unlock you quads full potential, utilise it’s work range, bring it up to speed of today’s world ?

Invest in Quadcrate, Invest in life.

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Quadcrate How it All Began

A ewe, freshly lambed had mislaid her new borns and was very stressed. So I jumped on my quad with trailer, with the aim of transporting her back up to the top of the hill and find her lambs.

After a bit of fun catching her, I headed for the hill but due to it being so wet, the quad slipped and slid everywhere and I couldn’t get any traction. I had to give up and ended up carrying the ewe on my back, thankfully I found her lambs and all was reunited.

That night that situation really bugged me, as I was so frustrated I couldn’t reach my destination.

With my head going over and over that situation again and again, I knew the bike was being held back by the drag weight of the trailer.

I decided that if I could get more weight onto the back wheels enough traction would be achieved and would help to keep the quad moving forward.

With this theory in mind a few days later I made a foldable bracket for the back of my quad and tied a sheep onto it.

I set off to the very place that I couldn’t get up with the trailer and decided to test out my new system.

Up I went, straight over the same patch and my bike hardly spun at all, it had enough traction to keep moving. I was amazed at how well it preformed, my idea had worked.

With it working so well I was chuffed, it made me feel I had achieved something great. Over time I saw that the foldable bracket I had designed was being used all the time to carry small loads from A to B on the farm.

I could see that there may be more to this bracket than what meets the eye ? only time would tell 

To be continued… 

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Our Quadcrate Attachments

Quadcrate and Transport cage fully loaded

The Most Important tool combination on our Farm

Our farm Quad and Quadcrate products are the hub of our business, in doing all sorts of jobs from collecting sticks to feeding animals.

It has become my Dads vehicle in which he can’t do without, as he doesn’t do the big Jobs but does all the little ones and they all add up.
My Father who’s name is Edward is 76 and still going strong as the quad and Quadcrate allow easy lifting which he can manage no problem.

Quadcrate is allowing all its investors young and old to easily do many farm tasks, meaning they can be very useful in completing small tasks safely.

Our Quadcrate Bubble cab is also great for my Dad as it keeps the chill and rain off him in cold wet weather.

Invest in Life, Invest in Quadcrate ?

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Quadcrate Attend World Ag Expo USA

With growing Quadcrate sales over the years, we thought we should really look at where else our attachments would sell.

We got in touch with Invest NI, who were looking for export potential companies, to represent them over at World Ag Expo in Tulare California this February.

Perfectly timed, we set things up and last week we attended this large event in which Quadcrate got great interest. Several companies have expressed their want to get Quadcrate over to the states.

Over the coming months, we hope to work along with these businesses to try and make selling Quadcrate selling in the USA a reality.
Quadcrate USA ??  

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Award Winning Quadcrate

Quadcrate over the years has won several awards, which has allowed us to be seen as a business who design innovate attachments for the ATV industry. These awards have helped us to build a sound foundation on which our profile is built on, to educate potential customers, that we are a company who can hold its head high by suppling high standard implements for utility quadbikes.

Our award achievements has helped label us a market leader in designing small load carrying implements that allow ATV users to be more efficient, more productive and also achieve higher productivity whatever sector they are in. We hope to enter more competitions in the future, to show our steady growth, as now that we feel we have 95% of the R&D completed or Quadcrate range should sell well across Ireland, UK and further afield into Europe.

A list of our awards are below;

  • Best new innovation – Tullamore Show
  • Best Rural Business – Eircom
  • Entrepreneur of the Year – Eircom
  • Entrepreneur of the Year – Wales and Northern Ireland Region
  • Best new innovation under the price of £10,000 at the Lamma show