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Farm Fencing Solutions

Farm Fencing Solutions

Simplify One of the Most Painful Jobs When Fencing

Now, when it comes to creating fencing, be it Post and Rail, Electric or Wire, we have several farm fencing solutions that will certainly help you complete the job. For this post I’m going to concentrate on the tricky issue of laying wire fences, especially Sheep and Barbed Wire Fences.

This has probably brought some very unpleasant memories for you as it has for me. Handling that Barbed Wire, rolling it out ready for securing to the posts, I bet its caused a ‘few’ nicks here and there, even if you were wearing gloves.

Now, a Wire Fence and a Barbed Wire Fence certainly have a number of advantages over other forms of fencing… it can be cheaper… and it can be erected far quicker, hence saving time and money… so we’ve created two farm fence solutions specifically designed to make the job as simple and safe as possible.

Why Walk When You Can Roll

Up first is the Wire Unroller which neatly attaches to our Quadcrate on your ATV and can unroll around 100 metres in 30 seconds, try doing that by hand and on your own. It’s design enables you to roll out a 3 coil or a 2 coil barbed wire fence ensuring the distance between the coils is maintained. A handy little tip is, it can also be used to safely roll up old wire fencing if needed… win win.

Stop Manually Tensioning

How many wire fences have you manually tensioned? If the answer was just one, it was one too many. Our Wire Tensioner is a god send. It attaches to your ATV but is also suitable for attaching to your other farm vehicles such a tractor or a teleporter, if for example, you need to raise the fencing higher. It really does make light work of this task… giving you your time back.

When attached to your ATV, and if you have loaded the bale racks with some heavy items to give you more traction, you can literally put strain on up to 50 metres of Sheep wire fencing.

As with all of our products we do like to offer you a package, so we have bundled together a ‘Fencing Package’ which includes all of our products relating to those fencing jobs… Front and Back Postholders, our Quadcrate, the Tool Box and of course the Wire Unroller and the Wire Tensioner. This really is a great bundle and I’m sure you’ll save both man hours and money… not to mention a fortune on band-aids ?

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