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Four Ways That Quadcrate® Products Can Improve Safety

With the number of different vehicles and machinery on a busy working farm, safety should always be a number one priority. If you’re looking to reduce injuries and maintain a safe environment, Quadcrate® has a range of agricultural attachments for your ATV that ensure your day to day tasks are as safe as possible.

Here are four ways that Quadcrate® products can improve the safety of your farm.

Loads are better stabilised

If you’re using your ATV to carry loads up and down the farm but you don’t have appropriate loading equipment your vehicle may become unstable and this can lead to injuries and damage to the ATV. Alternatively, our Quadcrate® product range has been designed to attach securely and give the rider peace of mind that their load is safe so that he or she can concentrate on riding the bike more safely. 

You have the right attachments for each job

In many ways, quads are slowly becoming the new compact tractor as ATVs are incredibly efficient. But why? At Quadcrate, we recognise the true potential of ATVs and our range of attachments are designed not only to improve your work rates but improve the safety of each task. Our individual products and custom packages include Transport Cages, Lamboxes, Front Toolboxes and more so you have the right attachments for each job. As a result, you’ll be well equipped to get on with a variety of tasks in a safe manner. 

Better handling of your ATV

No matter what terrain you’re driving across, it’s important to have proper handling of your ATV. Our products can be attached in a variety of ways so all loads can be transported properly and you aren’t making do with an unsafe option. It’s easy to load up your quad and start driving, but without the right attachments you could be putting yourself at risk as well as overloading your vehicle which could make you off balance.

Animals can be transported better

Transporting animals from A to B should always be done with safety in mind. Our removable Lambox ensures a safe environment for newborns while the ewe is safe in the Transport Cage. Your animal’s welfare matters and with our high-quality and safety-approved products, you can maintain a high standard of welfare throughout their journey back to the farm. Whether your animal is unwell or deceased, our attachments keep your team and livestock out of harm’s way.

If you want to ensure the safety of your ATV and the overall running of your farm, we have a range of attachments that provide a solution. Choose from our individual products or select a custom package that matches your agricultural requirements to utilise your ATV in a whole new way. All products are CE Approved. Find out more today.

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