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Help During Lambing Season

help during lambing season

How do Quadcrate ATV attachments help during lambing season?

Over recent years, ATVs and UTVs have emerged as vital tools for farmers, particularly as help during lambing season. These off-road vehicles prove invaluable around the farm, enhancing both practicality and safety when transporting heavy loads.

To maximize your ATV’s utility, consider investing in specialized attachments. While an ATV alone is beneficial, our custom-designed attachments at Quadcrate elevate its performance, ensuring optimal productivity, especially during the critical lambing season.

Here’s how ATV attachments can benefit you.

Improve productivity

During lambing season you need all hands on deck! With new lambs filling up your farm, you’ll have a new list of daily tasks to complete so staying productive is essential. By purchasing attachments your ATV can help you with a number of different tasks much easier such as our Front Postholder which is ideal for carrying a variety of different items such as meal bags, tools, bales and more.

You’ve got to be ready for anything during lambing season. Whether you’re fixing broken fencing or moving a lamb from one side of the farm to another, you can get so much more done when your ATV is properly equipped.

Keeps your animals safe

Whether your ewes are moving into a new shelter or you have an injured lamb, you need to be careful when transporting your animals. The Quadcrate Transport cage is a comfortable way to transport a ewe whereas our lamb box kit ensures a safe environment for newborns while the ewe is safe in the cage.

Safety should always be a top priority during lambing season and beyond and these attachments will maintain a high standard of welfare throughout their journey back to the farm. Proper animal care will ensure that your lambs remains healthy from birth onwards.

Your ATV can be better utilised with Quadcrate

Your farming equipment is essential for everyday tasks and with a good range of attachments for your ATV you can utilise your vehicle in many more ways. During lambing season, while your attention may be on your new animals, there are still plenty of other jobs that need to be done as usual. Investing in ATV attachments means you can improve your efficiency so nothing falls behind on your farm.

Lambing season is a very demanding time but don’t be tempted to skip corners. ATV attachments will improve safety so you can carry out tasks the right way, for example, managing heavy loads.

Create a practical and well-organised environment during lambing season today! Our Lambing Package includes the attachments you need to keep mother and baby safe while on the move. We’re proud to offer the reliable solutions that the farming community needs. Plus, all products are CE Approved. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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