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Improve the Running of Your Farm

Increase Farm Productivity

How the Quadcrate® Products Will Help…

Improving the running of your farm requires a lot of planning and hard work, so investing in reliable equipment is essential if you want to complete jobs efficiently – that’s where ATV quads can be invaluable. Whether you’re tending to your livestock, maintaining your fencing or generally overseeing your farm Quadcrate® products are designed to fit seamlessly onto your ATV allowing loads to be carried quickly and safely around any farm.

Here’s how the Quadcrate® can improve the running of your farm all year round.

Get more done on the go

No matter how big your farm is you’ll want to get as much done as you can while on the go. Your ATV is great for getting from A to B quickly but you’ll be even more efficient if you have the correct attachments and can complete your jobs in one round. With everything you need safely fixed to your quad, you can finish jobs quicker and don’t have to worry about how to navigate your loads. Get more done on the go and improve the productivity levels around your farm.

Quadcrate® products are suitable for all seasons

The nature of agriculture is that some seasons are busier than others but nevertheless, you’ll never be short of things to do! Our custom designed products are designed to help you throughout the year. Utilise our ATV lamb box attachment during lambing season or get prepared for peak times by doing some repairs with our front toolbox that carries useful tools that are needed on an everyday basis. The Quadcrate® is particularly useful during autumn and winter when lighter machines are needed to get jobs done!

Reduce the chances of accidents

Every year thousands of business owners and employees experience workplace injuries most of which are a result of improper handling or accidents relating to equipment. To avoid this, you must invest in high-quality and safe equipment that is designed to suit your needs so you have a reduced risk of injury. Our Transport cage, for example, makes carrying loads much safer even when driving up steep terrain. A trailer is great for carrying bigger loads but affects the handling of the bike when on difficult or hilly terrain as it causes drag – that’s where our products provide a safer alternative, when loaded up correctly.

Adapt your ATV to suit your needs

Only you know what’s needed to keep your farm running smoothly but many of those factors can be fulfilled just by adapting your existing machinery. If you’re already an ATV owner, investing in Quadcrate® products can make your quad a great investment for long-term use. Our Custom packages will increase the efficiency of your farm as you’ll be well equipped to complete a range of tasks every day just by using your quad to its full potential.

If you’re an ATV user it’s time to get the most out of your quad with our carefully designed Quadcrate® products. We aim to make agricultural tasks easier and quicker than ever. Utilise your ATV in a new way with our innovative range including the Transport cage, Front Postholder, Lambox and more. Plus, all products meet CE Approved. Find out more today.

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