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How to Encourage Visitors to Your Farm in Spring

encourage visitors to your farm

How to Encourage Visitors to Your Farm in Spring

Whether your farm is open to the public already or not, spring can be a great time to encourage visitors to your farm. With new baby animals to see, flowers popping up and Easter on its way, there is plenty that you can offer around your farm.

Opening your gates will not only help you integrate into your local community but could also grow your customer base including those seeking local produce!

Here are some of the ways you can encourage visitors to your farm in spring.

Create a petting corner

People love to see baby animals, so why not allow your new arrivals to say hello? Create a comfortable area where visitors can see lambs, calves, chicks and more. Children will love to get up close to all of your animals and it’s a great day out for all the family!

Our ATV Lambox attachment is perfect for moving your lambs around the farm so you can easily set up your areas at the start of the day. With more people around the farm, being able to transport your animals safely is essential.

Plan an Easter egg hunt

An Easter egg hunt is the perfect event for springtime on the farm. Create a designated Easter trail or hide Easter eggs all over the farm including a map and a prize for the winners. Events like these will get people talking about your farm and over the year you can increase the number of visitors, customers and your reputation in the local area.

Before you open up your gates, make sure you complete any necessary repairs around your farm. Our front toolbox attachment makes carrying tools easy so you can get on with your jobs efficiently.

Advertise your spring produce

From eggs to flowers, local produce is a big selling point for attracting new visitors, so during spring make sure you advertise the items you have available. There’s nothing better than enjoying a breakfast that’s made from fresh produce especially as the mornings start to brighten up so shout about it!

Fresh is a great way of attracting new visitors and if you do well in Spring, you’ll encourage loyal customers all year round!

How can Quadcrate help?

Preparing for spring and lambing season is a big job but with the right tools to hand, you’ll be ready to go! We offer a wide range of attachments that can help you improve productivity during the busy spring period, so your farm remains well organised.

At Quadcrate, we have high-quality attachments that will make your ATV or UTV multi-functional. Our removable lamb box is perfect for spring, so you can safely and easily transport your new animals across your farm. We want to be as flexible as possible to our customers until they have their ATV fully kitted out. Browse our custom packages or individual products today and make a great investment for your farm.

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