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ATV Solutions For All Industries

Quadcrate ATV Solutions

Quadcrate Goes International

We’re passionate about sharing Quadcrate atv solutions with clients both in the UK and internationally as we know the true potential of our products and why they’re such a great investment. We recently had an opportunity to showcase our range at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show where we discussed the wider applications of Quadcrate®.

So, as well as in farming, how else can Quadcrate® products help you? Here’s all you need to know.

Attending Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show 

For over 25 years, farmers have attended Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show to learn about the newest and most innovative products and technology in agriculture. During our digital event, we shared what we do best as a brand formally known as the ‘Swiss Army knife’ for quads. 

Quadcrate® provides multiple solutions for those who use these vehicles intensively. Increased productivity, higher profitability and lower stress levels will be the result of using Quadcrate®. As an investment that provides both short-term and long-term solutions, our range can provide benefits that span much further than our humble agricultural beginnings.

What can the Quadcrate® be used for?

Although popular among agricultural professionals, there are many more uses for Quadcrate® products. Our designs can quickly and easily transform your off-road vehicle into a more suitable piece of equipment for your particular application including a range of industries, tasks and businesses, including:


Whether you run a pastoral farm or an arable farm, having a reliable off-road vehicle is essential in everyday farm life. With that in mind, the original Quadcrate® foldable carrying device, as well as the front and back postholder, will transform your ATV into a multi-purpose agricultural vehicle. With the many demands of farming, 


Need somewhere to carry your rods, nets, tackle or today’s catch? Our versatile products aren’t just suitable for farming, but can also see success in fisheries too. Keeping your fishing gear organised is key and with a Quadcrate® attachment on your ATV, transporting everything you need will be easier than ever.


With the vast landscapes that span Canada and the USA, you need an ATV or UTV set up that’s suited to these terrains and requirements. We’ve already seen how our products have become a valuable asset for labour-intensive applications such as hunting, making the tasks safer and less challenging. 


ATVs are one of the most useful vehicle options for horse owners. But, you can go one step further with this labour-saving equipment and improve when you have the right attachments. With an estimated 4.6 million US citizens working in horse-related businesses, investing in the essentials is key. Carrying horse tack, transporting tools or hauling hay bales will take half the time but provide double the efficiency when a good ATV system is in place.

At Quadcrate®, our ATV products and packages are designed to make your work easier. Although we provide some of the best solutions for not only agricultural needs but much more! Quadcrate® is a multi-purpose product that benefits anyone with an offroad vehicle such as an ATV or UTV. Check out our shop today or get in touch with us for more information.

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