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Keeping Warm and Dry in Harsh Weather

atv accessory for farmers

Protection from the bad weather, usually the wind and rain… especially driving rain and biting head winds, is a necessity when on a farm, jobs still need to be done, and as I often find there are generally more of them when the weather turns bad. Moving livestock, repairing fences, etc.. is often made easier with good winter clothing and your ATV.

Using your ATV in all Seasons

The ATV has been a game changer when it comes to farming… in terms of speed and manoeuvrability it’ll get you to where you need to be probably quicker than your other farm vehicles, but also to more difficult to reach areas. So, it might be fair to say it’s one of your favourites modes of transport on the farm.
So, moving through the seasons from Autumn through to Winter and then into Spring, the weather is going to get colder and wetter. Previously, when those downpours finally came, did you find yourself reaching for those Land Rover keys? It must be tempting. I can see how rain, snow, wind and the biting cold could turn a hardened farm hand into a fair weather farmer.

Take less of a battering from wind and rain

So here at Quadcrate, I took the decision to create a solution which allowed me to use my ATV in unfavourable weather… it’s called the Bubble Cab. Moulded from clear Polycarbonate which is attached to the very sturdy mild steel frame, which in turn is attached to the front and rear bale racks, sheltering the user to give you front, top, rear side protection from the elements.. keeping you both dry and protected from the wind. Which, allows you to comfortably use your vehicle on those most miserable weather days.

Winters coming

As I said the ATV was a game changer for farmers… the Bubble Cab I’m sure will improve the vehicle’s functionality further and will quickly be realised as a necessity on those wet and cold winter mornings. Place your order today, winter’s just around the corner.

With the shelter it gives, it might even keep your coffee hotter for longer too.

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