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Keeping Your Farm Productive in All Weather Conditions

Quadcrate Bubble Cab

UK weather can be very unpredictable but on a busy working farm, work doesn’t stop just because it’s raining! Keeping your farm productive in all weather conditions is essential, at Quadcrate, we recognise the need for weather protection for your off-road vehicle and that’s where the Bubble Cab is very useful in all weathers.

Battling the wind and rain comes with added safety concerns and could slow down your productivity. However, the Bubble Cab is a practical solution that allows you to operate your ATV without being held back by the harsh elements thrown at you.

Here’s how the Bubble Cab and more can help you all year round.

How to overcome the weather on your farm

As a farmer you won’t be unfamiliar with the various weather conditions that you need to overcome throughout the year, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The best thing you can do is get prepared so whatever the weather, you can continue to run things smoothly.

Invest in the Bubble Cab for vehicle weather protection

For your ATV. As they are extremely useful around the farm and for getting from A to B is much quicker and carrying tools is easier. When using off-road vehicles you are exposed to all elements come rain and shine which comes with its own precautions such as when a quad operator is cold it can affect the handling on the vehicle.

The Bubble Cab is a great solution as it provides an overhead shield and no wind chill. This means you can stay dry while driving and get on with your day to day tasks with fewer disruptions. This product can be used with other attachments so however your vehicle is configured, it will work for you.

Make sure you have the right shelter for your animals

In order for livestock to be happy, healthy and productive you must have weather-proof shelter. In adverse weather, you should have covered barns, pens or sheds where your livestock can safely stay. It’s not just cold weather that needs to be considered. In the summer animals can easily get dehydrated so always ensure that you have a shaded area available.

Keep your crops safe in all weather

It’s important to be mindful of the weather and how it can affect your crops. When temperatures rise this can cause stress to your crops whereas too much rain can cause irrigation problems. Tunnels and covers are a great way of keeping your crops healthy and will make a big difference in how well they turn out when they’re ready to be harvested.

Invest in the Bubble Cab today from Quadcrate and benefit from weather protection all year round. Our multi-purpose non fading shield will make driving your ATV a lot easier in the wind or rain so you can remain productive around your farm and keep everything on track no matter how big your farm is. For more information get in touch with our helpful team. Don’t forget to browse our range of other ATV attachments and packages to create a vehicle kit that works for your needs.

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