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Lambing Season with Quadcrate

Lambing Season

Why buy Quadcrate??

During lambing season it can be a stressful time of the year as you are pushed from pillar to post. You don’t have enough time, your tired, your not as organised as you thought you were etc etc.

ATVs have again become a tool that has so much importance in having a successful lambing period. They make one person move more quickly, more efficiently, more productively these areas are the difference in having a good lambing or bad lambing.

Usually it was the quad + quad trailer combo over the last 30 years, which was a great partnership. This still remains the case but with the introduction of Quadcrate even more can be achieved.

The Quadcrate Lambing package allows for more gear to be carried so as you meet it, sort it. Veterinary products can be carried in the Lambox, a ewe and her lambs can be transported, wire fence can be fixed as you meet it. A great Moto I have used since setting up my Quadcrate business is
“Carry the tools, do the work”

With Quadcrate in my life I know my stress levels are lower, moral is higher, my productivity is higher and I am more efficient. All this means I can live a happier life, when I am happy, my wife is, my kids are. This is all a result of innovation that came about to solve a problem in Garrison, Northern Ireland.

Quadcrate – Solving problems for ATV users, it’s what we do.

With Lambing season only around the corner I suggest you seriously consider a Quadcrate Lambing package which will be a game changer, without doubt.

This Lambing Package won’t be just something you use at lambing season but something you will use everyday. If you use something everyday isn’t it worth having, it’s not like an expensive watch for wearing to Church or to weddings. It’s for all year round, to help you solve and deal with problems 365 days of the year.

Quadcrate®️ is a serious investment, that won’t break the bank but will serve those who intensively use their ATVs to get the jobs done.

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