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My Next Innovation

While working away trying to better the farm in everyway I could, I could see different things happening. With my brother Stanley away in either Oz or New Zealand sheep shearing, I had to become more efficient. Jobs were still needing done but I had less time to do them as with starting my own business, it was full on.

My time needed to be managed more so that I could become more efficient and more productive. This is where my quad and Quadcrate stepped in, its was allowing me to deal with problem as I can across them.

This unique combo was the second pair of hands I needed to become smarter with my time. My ATV was the hub of my farm, I simply could not do without it in order to ensure my cattle and sheep were looked after better.
Efficiency and production were things that were drilled into me while at Harper Adams University in 2000. Here I learned about different tools and methods and better ways to do things. Them were the days ?

With going forward with Quadcrate I didn’t want the farm to suffer due to me spending less time on it. With the quad and Quadcrate I just felt more organised as I could get more done in less time. I could do so much more with my bike, no more leave it behind I will sort it later ethic. It was more like I can sort that now and keep solving the problems saving loads of time.

Working with Quadcrate, I was becoming even more convinced I was doing the right thing setting up in business. Quadcrate was helping me in so many ways so what was stopping it from helping the world ? was my thought. I had to get it more developed and invest in R&D to get it seen for what it was. We had the patents pending, I was seeing more and more productive potential, the sales I had the reports were good.

So there was nothing else for it let’s go to our first ever agricultural show “Balmoral” I was buzzing at the thought, wondering how it would go down so the work started into get the products show ready. 

We are going to Balmoral ?
To be continued…

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