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ATV Attachments: Quadcrate Combo Package

atv attachments quadcrate combo package

A Farmer can never have too many atv attachments and the new Quadcrate Combo package is no exception! Including everything you need for everyday tasks and more, you can improve your overall efficiency, safety, and the quality of your work.

Here’s what you need to know about our cost-effective Combo package.

What is included in the combo package?

The Quadcrate Combo package is aimed at the all round Farmer who likes to get on with their own tasks let it be lambing time, or when fencing around the farm. We’ve included the essential attachments needed to complete these jobs easily all year round.

The package includes the following:

1 x Quadcrate®️

The Quadcrate®️ is a load-carrying device that is attached to the ATV and folds up when not in use. It allows the operator to carry a variety of items with ease, reaching areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach with a trailer. You can be ready to tow a trailer in a matter of seconds.

1 x Transport cage

You’ll be better prepared to deal with certain situations, such as bringing home a sick or deceased animal, with the Transport cage on the back of your ATV. The Transport cage is a comfortable way to transport a ewe, calf, goat, pig, or dogs from point A to point B. It’s easily attached and detached with sliding latches each side so loads can be taken off easily.

1 x Front Postholder

The Front Postholders are attached to the front bale rack and can carry a variety of items such as buckets, meal bags, toolboxes, barbed wire, sheep troughs and more. The Front Postholder allows the rider to transport items more safely so you don’t have to balance heavy loads when climbing very steep terrain.

1 x Back Postholder

Since the back bale rack on most ATVs is larger than the front, the Back Postholders are a larger version of the Front Postholders. When properly loaded, even the most difficult terrain can be easily navigated, allowing you to always arrive at your destination. We’ve found them to be extremely useful for transporting diesel in 20-litre drums to tractors and diggers over rough terrain, and they’re also great for carrying fencing posts.

1 x Lambox kit

The Lambox kit is available in two sizes and transforms either the Front or Back Postholders into a dual-purpose Lambox. The Lambox kit is basically techscrewed to either the front or back Postholders to make it into a Lambox. It’s a great accessory for transporting newborn lambs. The newborns can be kept safe during their journey back to the farm while the ewe is safe in the Transport cage. There is also a removable divider so 1/3 can be used for vetinary products and 2/3 for the new born lambs

1 x Front Toolbox

Carrying all of your tools can be a stressful job but with a Front Toolbox attachment, you can keep everything you need in one place. You’ll have space for hammers, steeples, rope, spanners and more so doing work on the go is a lot easier and productivity remains high.

1 x Wire un-roller

The Wire Unroller can unroll 50 meters of sheep wire in less than 15 seconds and 100 meters in 30 seconds, saving time and energy. There’s also a bar for unrolling three coils of barbed wire at once, which means you’ll have an extra pair of hands and won’t have to put off fencing tasks.

1 x Wire tensioner

The Wire Tensioner is an excellent tool for pulling sheep wire straight. Surprising strains can also be achieved by using your quad with the two Postholders front and back filled with posts or coils of wire to add extra weight which increases traction and allows for extra strain.

At Quadcrate, we design with functionality and safety in mind. Our ATV combo package includes the most important attachments for lambing duties, fencing and more.

Buy your Quadcrate Combo package today or get in touch with us for more information.

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