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New Quadcrate UTV Package

Quadcrate UTV Package

Upgrade Your UTV For 2022

Have you recently invested in a UTV? At Quadcrate®, we recognise the changing demands in farming and with UTV’s quickly becoming a popular choice, we have now made our most popular ATV products compatible with our new quadcrate utv package. 

UTV’s are a great choice for agricultural use as they offer a wide range of benefits such as an increased towing capacity, weather protection and a comfortable enclosed cab. However, to get the most out of your vehicle, it’s essential to invest in the right attachments – that’s where our new UTV package comes in!

It’s time to look ahead to 2022 and ensure that your agricultural machinery is being used in the most effective way. Here’s all you need to know about our UTV products.

What’s included in the UTV package?

At Quadcrate®, we aim to improve the efficiency of your work. Our new package means that UTV owners can now experience the benefits that ATV owners have via our range of multi-purpose attachments.

In the UTV package you will receive:

  • 1 x Quadcrate
  • 1 x Transport cage
  • 1 x Transport cage lid

The attachments can be fitted to both the front and back of most UTVs depending on the task at hand. This versatility is a great option to have as lifting heavy objects into the at the back of a UTV can be very problematic due to their height. So the solution is Quadcrate. Quadcrate® provides a lower platform so loading tools, livestock and materials can be done safely and at a more manageable height.

Why should you invest in the UTV package?

UTV’s are a great vehicle to use in farming, forestry work or any other environment that requires an off road vehicle. But better still, enhancing your UTV with the Quadcrate® UTV Package will add to its functionality so you can get jobs done faster and safer.

The benefits of our new UTV package include:

  • You can fit the Quadcrate® in a way that suits your needs so your ATV becomes a bespoke vehicle. 
  • The Transport cage makes moving livestock easy so animals remain safe and injuries are reduced.
  • Efficiency will increase as you’ll be better equipped to complete a wider range of tasks productively.
  • The UTV package adds to the versatility of the vehicle so you can get better use out of it and more for your money!
  • All of our products are approved and are CE Approved.

As the popularity of UTV’s and ATV’s grow, you can go one step further and invest in the essential attachments that you need. Make a sound investment today with Quadcrate® products and utilise your vehicle more effectively than before, 365 days a year.

At Quadcrate®, we provide high-quality farming solutions for UTV’s and ATV’s. If you want to get the best out of your vehicle, our wide range of individual products and packages will improve the efficiency of your daily tasks whether you’re transporting equipment or carrying livestock. Make 2022 count by investing in our new UTV package today! Get in touch with us for more information. 

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