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Prepare for Lambing Season This Year

Prepare for lambing season

It’s nearly that time of the year again – let’s prepare for lambing season! As we head into spring farmers enter their busiest period with many months of hard work ahead of them and that’s why preparation is key.

Before your farm is filled with an influx of lambs ensure that you have everything you need on-site as the success or failure of lambing season will affect the profitability of the sheep flock.

Here are some important things to consider in preparation for lambing season.

Provide the right nutrition for lambing season

Nutrition is key when it comes to pregnant ewes and their babies. Ensuring that ewes are getting the nutrition they require to remain healthy and strong, especially in the final 6 weeks of pregnancy, is a great way of reducing illness. A good protein-rich diet will keep them in the best condition and therefore, benefit the baby too.

In preparation for the lambs’ arrival remember that colostrum is like gold dust! Mother’s own is best but you can also freeze surplus colostrum from the flock and keep a frozen supply. Also available is a mix with water colustrum. It’s not only a highly nutritious energy source but it will boost the lamb’s immune system significantly.

Invest in a Quadcrate lambing package for your ATV or UTV

Off road vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs are very useful around farms and provide a range of benefits including how multi-functional they are. At Quadcrate, our Lambing package is ideal for safely transporting a ewe and her newborn lambs back to the farm. The Lambox which is part of the package has a removable divider 2/3 for new born lambs and 1/3 for vetinary equipment i.e. Syringes, calcium, iodine flask and colustrum mix etc

Our attachments will ensure that your sheep in need can be securely carried during lambing season. The Lambing package isn’t just useful at lambing time but can be used all year round to help the general running of your farm.

Prepare the lambing area

To prepare for lambing season effectively, get started on your lambing areas well in advance. Indoor areas should have around 12 to 14 square feet for comfortable lambing and be cleaned beforehand with fresh bedding and straw. The area should have good lighting, so you can keep a good eye on the ewes without disturbing them too much.

Additionally, choose a barn that’s not too draughty and is leak-free! All of these details should be properly inspected to ensure you’re fully prepared for lambing season and don’t experience anything unexpected when the lambs are on their way. Don’t forget to sanitise the area after each birth to promote good hygiene.

Prepare for lambing season!

Lambing season is a busy one so don’t get caught out by not having enough hands on deck! In the lead up to your busiest period ensure that you have enough team members on standby and that they’re fully trained too.

With everyone working together things will be much easier and you’re sure to have happy little lambs!

Create a practical and well organised environment for lambing season today! Our Lambing Package includes the attachments you need to keep mother and babies safe while on the move. This allows the operator to ride back safely knowing the load is secure. Vital for better handling and less accidents.

We’re proud to offer these reliable solutions that the farming community needs. Plus, all products meet Safety Standards and are CE Approved. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Lambing season: Resources

  1. offers a range of tips and advice for preparing for the lambing season, focusing on the anticipation of problems and prevention of common diseases and nutritional deficiencies in ewes and newborn lambs. They highlight the importance of proper management and preparedness to minimize lamb and ewe losses.
  2. Farmers Guide has drawn up an eight-point plan to help sheep farmers get ready for lambing. This comprehensive guide covers aspects like pregnant ewe nutrition, sheep housing preparation, flock health plan checks, staffing levels during lambing, rearing surplus lambs, stocking up on essential equipment and supplies, and setting targets for reducing lamb losses.
  3. Farmers Weekly provides practical advice from veterinary experts on essential preparations for lambing. This includes getting ewes in the right body condition, providing the right nutrition, pre-lambing treatments, and ensuring ewes have adequate space and resources for feeding and resting.
  4. CXCS offers health and safety tips for the lambing season, highlighting the importance of using ATVs safely, risks to pregnant women from infections carried by animals, and wellness tips for farmers to maintain their physical and mental health during the busy lambing period.
  5. discusses strategies for both indoor and outdoor lambing, emphasising the need for adequate facilities, equipment, and management practices to ensure the health and well-being of ewes and lambs. The site also offers practical tips for dealing with common challenges during lambing.

These resources provide a wealth of information to help farmers prepare for the lambing season, focusing on animal health and welfare, farmer safety, and efficient farm management practices.

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