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The Quadcrate Combo Package is the ultimate all-in-one solution for practical farmers. With its versatile design and durable construction, it includes a Quadcrate attachment that fits all ATVs and UTVs, along with a range of accessories for carrying, hauling, and organising your gear. Wether you’re fencing or lambing the Combo Package is a must have around the farm.

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Our Combo package is a mixture of our Lambing and Fencing Packages it is basically a Lambing Package with a Wire un-roller and Wire Tensioner. This package is aimed at the all round Farmer who likes to get on with their tasks let it be lambing time, or when fencing or just general work around the farm. Once you have a Combo Package then you are equipped with a set of tools to do 90% of the work on your farm. The Combo is essential for a one person band to act as a second pair of hands but if a second person is on hand higher work rates will be achieved.

1 x Quadcrate®
1 x Animal cage
1 x Back Postholder
1 x Lambox kit
1 x Front Postholder
1 x Front Toolbox
1 x Wire un-roller
1 x Wire tensioner