Dog Handling Package


The Quadcrate Dog Handling Package is a versatile and efficient solution for transporting and managing dogs in various outdoor environments. With its sturdy design and customizable features, it provides a safe and comfortable experience for both dogs and their handlers, making it an essential tool for professional dog trainers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

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The Quadcrate Dog Handling package is a must have for those who work with dogs, in training them from young. The Quadcrate and Transport cage are a secure place to put young Canine but still be able to see and hear, what is going on around them.

If you have experienced dogs or bitches and work close to busy roads, then having a place where they are safe is very important. This gives you peace of mind, to concentrate on riding your ATV properly, knowing your canine is safe.

A lot of accidents have happened, where dogs have got injured, jumping off quads resulting serious injury and death in some cases. Having this package will allow you to be in more control of this sort of circumstance.

This package will allow ATV operators to carry out several agricultural tasks and rest tired dogs, leaving them ready for the next job.

The Front Postholder and Toolbox also serve great purpose in allowing you to carry all sorts of essential tools and materials when out and about.

Quadcrate Dog Handling package consists of the following;

1 x Quadcrate + suspension bracket
1 x Transport cage (2 positions)
1 x Transport cage removable lid
1 x Front Postholder
1 x Front Toolbox