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The Quadcrate Fencing Package is a versatile and efficient solution for all your fencing needs. With its innovative design and durable materials, it offers a convenient way to transport, store, and install fencing equipment, making it an essential tool for farmers and professionals.

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The Quadcrate® Fencing Package makes fencing manageable for one man the package consists of different products that help and have their own role in making fencing a more pleasurable experience. To cover ground you need the tools and the more ground covered per day the more profitable the job also saving labour and making the task more enjoyable. We have proved that with the Quadcrate® Fencing package many Farmers are choosing to carry out their own maintenance on their own different fence boundaries, which saves them money and the job is done to his or her liking. The Fencing Package consists of 6 products which are:

1 x Quadcrate®
1 x Wire Unroller (Sheep & Barbed Wire)
1 x Wire Tensioner (can also be used on a digger or tractor etc)
1 x Front Post Holder
1 x Back Post holder
1 x Front Toolbox

The Fencing Package is suited to fencing contractors or Farmers who want maintain their own fences as it opens many doors and makes available more options, that ease the stress and burden of a time consuming job like fencing. Your ATV/ Quad can get to the most difficult areas so even the less accessible areas can be fenced with ease.

The Wire Unroller makes unrolling Sheep and barbed wire effortless as this is the hardest task when putting up a fence. It can also be used to roll up old sheep or barbed wire if needed using a handle on the side.

The Post Holders which fit onto the front and back bale racks allow for easy transportation of fence posts and other materials like fence wire, barbed wire, bucket of steeples and a Bazuka. These Post holders make your bike do the most of the work, all you have to do is guide it, they also sit at a nice height for working from as you don’t have to bend over like you would if you were using a trailer.