Front Postholder


The Quadcrate Front Postholder is a versatile attachment designed for quad bikes and ATVs, providing a secure and convenient way to transport long objects such as fence posts, lumber, or general farming equipment. With its robust construction and adjustable design, it offers users a reliable solution for carrying bulky items across challenging terrains.

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These Front Postholder is fastened onto the front bale rack and can carry several different items such as buckets, meal bags, toolbox, 15 fence posts, coils of sheep/barbed wire and sheep troughs etc. This attachment is square in shape with a flat chequer plate bottom with lips on both sides along with side chains which keeps the load you are carrying in position.

This gives the rider peace of mind that their load is safe so that he or she can concentrate on riding the bike more safely. The Front Postholder is another time saving device ensure quick and easy transportation of different objects, a must for Farmers.

With the Front Postholder fitted, the Sheepcage also can also be attached to the front, so that when the Sheepcage isn’t needed, you have a place to put it, so when you do need it, it’s in front of you. It can also be used to carry extra loads as well i.e. (small square bales), providing extra weight to the front giving your quad more balance when climbing very steep terrain. Our newly designed Toolbox can be also fitted to the Front Postholder and can detach easily if needed, another must have.

The Front and Back Postholders are made universal to fit any bike with several settings available, they can be attached and detached in seconds, saving time. They both serve great purpose in carrying many items and are a cheaper option if you have a tight budget.

N.B. Price below is for the front Postholder only (Front Toolbox not included)