Lambing Package


The Quadcrate Lambing Package is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and enhance the lambing process. With its versatile quad attachment system and a range of essential tools and accessories, it provides farmers with convenience, efficiency, and optimal care for their flock during lambing season.

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The Lambing Package enables Quad operators, to carry out jobs quicker and opens a whole new world of options, when carrying loads. The Quadcrate® lambing packages suited to Sheep/Beef/Dairy Farmers, and can aid them in achieving higher work rates per day, saving labour in the process. A quads true potential is opened up once this Lambing package is fitted, it leaves jobs less strenuous and will make your ATV an essential tool on your farm.

The Lambing Package consists of:

1 x Quadcrate®
1 x Transport cage
1 x Front Postholder
1 x Back Postholder
1 x lambox kit
1 x Front Toolbox


This package is a must for Sheep Farmers during the lambing period, as so many new options are made available when carrying different objects and being able to put a ewe on the back and lambs into the Lambox, means as you meet the problem, you can deal with it, this saves so much time and when at Lambing every minute counts.

When coming across a ewe trying to lamb the Quadcrate® can be used as a delivering table which can be witnessed on the Quadcrate® DVD as the ewe is 16 inches off the ground and easier worked at when down on your knees. This lambing procedure has saved many lambs on the Allingham Farm as when you are on your own the Quadcrate® becomes the extra pair of hands needed to increase the chances of lamb survival which helped increase our lambing percentage leading to higher profits.