Postholder Package


The Quadcrate Postholder Package is a versatile and efficient solution for transporting and organizing your equipment. With its sturdy design and adjustable compartments, it provides a secure and convenient way to carry your fencing equipment and or posts around the farm, or any other items needed for your outdoor tasks. Say goodbye to multiple trips and disorganized gear, as the Quadcrate Postholder Package ensures everything is easily accessible and safely transported on your quad bike or utility vehicle.

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The Quadcrate® Postholder package is a great package to get started with if you have a tight budget, it allows you to enjoy and benefit from all the advantages they will provide.
This Package includes the following;

1 x Front Post holder
1 x Back Post holder and
1 x Front Toolbox


These Post holders, will allow you to carry several products, like buckets, bags, posts, troughs, diesel drums, coils of wire, fence batteries you can even use them as a table for eating you lunch off. Pig tail holders are also included so up to 10 pigtail fence posts can be carried easily.

The front Toolbox allows you to carry different essentials like a bottle of water, gloves, small rope, knife, pliers, hammer and steeples and a first aid kit etc all the little things that you will find very useful on your trip. “Carry the tools do the work”