Quadcrate® Package


The Quadcrate Package is a versatile and durable solution designed to simplify transportation and storage needs. With its innovative design and sturdy construction, it offers a reliable and efficient way to carry various items, making it ideal for farmers, forestry workers, outdoor enthusiasts and gardeners etc…

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Quadcrate Package consists of the following;

1 x Quadcrate® with suspension
1 x Transport Cage can used in 2 positions (see photos)
1 x Front Postholder
1 x Front Toolbox


Our Quadcrate® package is a great way to get into the Quadcrate® world, it has a range of uses and is a popular choice to allow you to have the alternative to a trailer on the back of your quad. If you are struggling with hilly or wet terrain or just are fed up having to trail around a trailer, this package will be a great asset for you to get the the job in hand DONE.

The Quadcrate® package can be used to carry the following – a sheep, a calf, a dog, fencing gear, buckets, bags and general all sorts. It’s a great addition. If you would like a removable lid on top of the Transport Cage to ensure that a lively small animal can’t jump out, we suggest you go for our Dog Handling Package.