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The Quadcrate UTV Package is a versatile and practical solution designed to enhance your off-road adventures. With its durable construction and customisable storage options, this package offers a convenient way to transport tools, equipment, supplies and small animals, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful outdoor expedition.

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Quadcrate now compatible for UTVs

With UTVs becoming more and more popular, we are now fitting our most popular products to them the Quadcrate and Transport cage.

These 2 attachments can be fitted to both the front and back of most UTVs. This is a great option to have as lifting a heavy object into the back tipping bin can be too much for most people. The Quadcrate provides a lower platform and a more manageable height to lift things into, making it a must for a lot of Farmers.

As all UTV are different there are different ways to fit our Quadcrate. If you have a UTV and are interested in a Quadcrate system, just get in touch and we can discuss things further.

1 x Quadcrate
1 x Transport cage
1 x Transport cage lid