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Our Quadcrate Attachments

Quadcrate and Transport cage fully loaded

The Most Important tool combination on our Farm

Our farm Quad and Quadcrate products are the hub of our business, in doing all sorts of jobs from collecting sticks to feeding animals.

It has become my Dads vehicle in which he can’t do without, as he doesn’t do the big Jobs but does all the little ones and they all add up.
My Father who’s name is Edward is 76 and still going strong as the quad and Quadcrate allow easy lifting which he can manage no problem.

Quadcrate is allowing all its investors young and old to easily do many farm tasks, meaning they can be very useful in completing small tasks safely.

Our Quadcrate Bubble cab is also great for my Dad as it keeps the chill and rain off him in cold wet weather.

Invest in Life, Invest in Quadcrate ?

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