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Quadcrate Awards in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Quadcrate Awards

A Decade of Distinction

The journey of entrepreneurial success is often marked by milestones that stand as testament to innovation, business acumen, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Over the past decade and more, the Quadcrate journey has been distinguished by numerous Quadcrate awards, transcending expectations not just in the creation of groundbreaking products but also in garnering a cabinet full of prestigious accolades. Here’s a closer look at this illustrious journey of recognition and success.

Best New Innovation 2009 – Tullamore Show

The Tullamore Show, a premier event celebrating agricultural excellence, recognized our endeavor in 2009 with the “Best New Innovation” award. This accolade was the result of tireless research and development, which culminated in a product that not only served a significant need within the agricultural community but did so with unprecedented ingenuity.

Eircom Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2009

In the same year, the Eircom Young Entrepreneur of the Year award found its recipient in a visionary whose fresh perspective and daring approach to business disrupted the status quo. It was a validation of the boldness inherent in the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives on challenging the expected and embracing the new.

Eircom Best Rural Business 2009

Proving that geographical boundaries do not limit excellence, the Best Rural Business award from Eircom in 2009 celebrated our firm’s commitment to invigorating the rural economy. It recognized the impact of creating a product that not only served rural needs but also became a catalyst for rural business vitality.

Smarta 100 – Reached Top 100 Businesses UK

Recognition soon crossed national boundaries when Smarta 100 listed us among the top 100 businesses in the UK. This recognition underscored our competitive edge, business model efficiency, and the overall impact on the UK’s business landscape.

Shell LiveWIRE – Young Entrepreneur of the Year Wales and NI Region 2010

The following year, the Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Wales and Northern Ireland region was a moment of pride that underscored the region’s innovative potential and the role of young leaders in shaping the future of business.

Best New Innovation with Retail Price of Less Than £10,000 Lamma Show 2013

At the Lamma Show 2013, we once again shone brightly with an award for the Best New Innovation under £10,000. This demonstrated that true innovation does not always come with a hefty price tag; it is about accessibility and practicality, bringing solutions to those who need them most without breaking the bank.

Future Innovation Award – Silver Award

Our journey of innovation was beautifully punctuated with the Future Innovation Silver Award, a nod to our company’s forward-thinking ethos and our continuous efforts to push the envelope, forecasting and filling the needs of tomorrow today.

Royal Welsh Show 2023, Machinery and Implement Section – Gold Award

Fast forward to the present day, where our commitment to excellence and innovation has been once again recognized at the Royal Welsh Show 2023. Winning the Gold Award in the Machinery and Implement Section did not just signify a moment of triumph but a continued legacy. It’s a declaration that we are still at the forefront of innovation, shaping the agricultural sector with our state-of-the-art machinery.

Reflecting on a Legacy

As we look back on these accolades, from the Eircom awards to the most recent triumph at the Royal Welsh Show, it’s clear that the journey is just as important as the destination. Each award in our gallery is more than a mere trophy; it is a story of passion, innovation, and unwavering dedication to excellence. These acknowledgments from peers and industry leaders do not just shine a light on past achievements but also forge a path of inspiration for the innovations yet to come.

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