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Quadcrate How it All Began

A ewe, freshly lambed had mislaid her new borns and was very stressed. So I jumped on my quad with trailer, with the aim of transporting her back up to the top of the hill and find her lambs.

After a bit of fun catching her, I headed for the hill but due to it being so wet, the quad slipped and slid everywhere and I couldn’t get any traction. I had to give up and ended up carrying the ewe on my back, thankfully I found her lambs and all was reunited.

That night that situation really bugged me, as I was so frustrated I couldn’t reach my destination.

With my head going over and over that situation again and again, I knew the bike was being held back by the drag weight of the trailer.

I decided that if I could get more weight onto the back wheels enough traction would be achieved and would help to keep the quad moving forward.

With this theory in mind a few days later I made a foldable bracket for the back of my quad and tied a sheep onto it.

I set off to the very place that I couldn’t get up with the trailer and decided to test out my new system.

Up I went, straight over the same patch and my bike hardly spun at all, it had enough traction to keep moving. I was amazed at how well it preformed, my idea had worked.

With it working so well I was chuffed, it made me feel I had achieved something great. Over time I saw that the foldable bracket I had designed was being used all the time to carry small loads from A to B on the farm.

I could see that there may be more to this bracket than what meets the eye ? only time would tell 

To be continued… 

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