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Quads for Farming: Quads, the New Compact Tractor?

Quads for Farming

Agricultural equipment and machinery is the backbone of any efficient farm but it’s important that you have tools that work for your specific farming needs. Quads are a great addition for a number of reasons including productivity and adaptability plus with our practical ATV accessories, it’s clear to see why quads are quickly becoming the new compact tractor.

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Wetter seasons require lighter machines

One reason why quads have increased in popularity is their ability to function throughout all seasons including during wet weather. Farms don’t stop running during autumn and winter so you need the right machinery that can adapt to different demands and ensure that you continue running a tight ship! Lighter machines, such as quads, are great for navigating wet land.

Attachments make ATV’s multi-functional

At Quadcrate®️, we recognise that quads are a valuable piece of machinery. In many ways using quads for farming can be seen as the new compact tractor and with a range of attachments available from us, they’re even more practical. Quadcrate attachments are the correct tools needed to do jobs on the go whether that’s using the Transport cage, Toolbox or Front Postholder .

Using Quads for farming is a cost-effective investment

Costs can quickly add up when it comes to buying new machinery and farming tools. However, quads are a solid choice as they provide so many possibilities in terms of attachments which make them more versatile. That means you have a multi-functional machine that can save you money compared to buying entirely different machines for each task, plus Quadcrate®️ attachments gives you the operator, the power to control and manage your day and help you gain higher work rates which equals more profit.

They are ideal for doing quick tasks.

Getting from A to B around your farm can be made easier by using a quad. These nippy vehicles are ideal for moving around your farm, doing small maintenance jobs and generally covering a lot of ground fast. Despite their size, quads can be a very useful vehicle as your go-to machine. Paired with a number of attachments, compact tractors have a strong competitor in ATV’s. If you’re looking for a more nimble option then a quad is the perfect choice!

Get your farm ready for winter with our range of Quadcrate®️ products. Designed to make your quad multi-functional you can get the most out of your vehicle. Utilise your ATV in a new way with our innovative range including the Quadcrate, Transport cage, wire unroller Front Postholder , Lambox and more. Plus, all products are CE Approved, fully galvanised and user friendly. Find out more today.

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