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Realising the Potential

So they say if you enjoy your work the day goes faster, I know this to be true for me.

When I was a teenager I would work from early morning to late at night as I was single and hungry to work. Which was just as well as my Dad always give me plenty to do, whether I agreed with it or not.

I had the freedom though to put my own twist on things, to make them better and do things quicker.

When I saw how the Quadcrate was helping us do exactly that, in doing tasks quicker and leaving us better equipped to tackle problems head on. Instead of leaving a sick sheep behind us we could bring them with us. Instead of leaving a job off because we didn’t have a trailer, we could do it as we had the Quadcrate on hand.

While working on an out building with a friend, he looked around the Quadcrate and thought it was a great idea. While drinking a cup of tea he said you should look to get that patented, I have never seen anything like it. After a few days I did some research and found nothing resembling it at all so I kept digging.

With limited money but a buzz in my gut, I decided to go for it, to gather more info to see if it was worth patenting. Found a company to do the search’s and they also found nothing, the advice they give me was to act quick and get cover on it. I was hyper at the thought that this bracket I had designed may be the first of its kind, can it be?? I kept asking myself this.

The solution to a problem I had, looked worth pursuing but at a cost, patents cost money but both my gut and my heart said to chance it.

Here was really the start of my adventure into my venture of making Quadcrate a product worth buying. It was going to be hard but I was up for the fight ?

To be continued

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