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Simple Ways to Prepare Your Farm For Winter

As a farmer, you’ll know all too well how important it is to prepare for the changing seasons and winter is no different. Winter brings wet conditions, cold and potentially a lot of struggles throughout agriculture. Nevertheless, there is still work to be done so ensuring that your farm is well prepared and you have the right measures in place, is the best way forward. It’s never too early to get prepared! 

Here are some easy ways to prepare your farm for winter.

Invest in the right equipment

ATV’s are one vehicle that are very useful in winter as they’re great at operating in wetter conditions. If you’re thinking of investing in new machinery for winter, an ATV is a sensible choice and at Quadcrate® we have a range of practical attachments that will make life a lot easier during this season and beyond. With the right equipment you can maintain efficiency and safety throughout winter.

Keep on top of repairs

Winter can be a long slog, especially for farmers and the last thing you want is unexpected problems with your machinery. It’s always a good idea to keep on top of maintenance before you’re thrown into the depths of winter so you enter the new season as prepared as possible. Protect your machinery from snow, sludge, and ice. Keep any tools stored away in a safe place and allow easy access to anything that you may need during the cold months. Keep your storage areas clean and dry.

Prepare your livestock

As well as preparing your machinery don’t forget about your livestock. Your animals need a little more TLC during winter so ensure that they’re stalls are regularly cleaned, dry and warm enough to survive the cold weather. Stock up on feed and bedding prior to the first frost as this helps animals maintain their body temperature during winter – putting down a layer of saw dust or sand to absorb moisture and straw or wood shavings on top can help!

Ensure that your water supplies dont frost over

Winter in the UK can bring unpredictable weather so it’s always wise to make a contingency plan for worst case scenarios. For example, when the temperature drops below freezing the pipes and therefore the water can freeze if you don’t have an electric system. To avoid putting your livestock at risk, insulate your pipes and seal up any leaks so you’re at less risk of experiencing frozen water supply.

If you have or are investing in an ATV then look at increasing your productivity with individual attachments and custom packages then look no further than Quadcrate®. Nowadays everyone and every business is under pressure to make the most efficient use of their time. The Quadcrate® and associated attachments will save you multiple days over the coming years, by unlocking your ATVs potential. Find out more today.

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